Dec 2020
30th Dec 2020

Keeping Your Family Safe From COVID-19

Family Law AttorneysFor today’s blog post, we’ve decided to pivot briefly to talking about safety during COVID-19. With the rising number of cases across the country and continued unchecked holiday gatherings, hospitals and ICUs are starting to feel the strain. With end-of-year celebrations right around the corner, these numbers are likely to continue surging. 
20th Dec 2020

How Does a Grandparent Seek Visitation in California?

Family Law AttorneysWhen it comes to child custody, people usually only think of parental visitation rights, but what about grandparents’ rights to visit their grandchild(ren) following a custody decision? Do they have legal rights as well? 
17th Dec 2020

Is There a “Season” of Divorce? A Look at the Stats

divorce lawyersPeople often talk about divorce as this seasonal phenomenon, and we’ve heard a lot of “facts” on this. Mostly, people focus their attention towards the beginning and the end of the year, claiming that these months are part of the “divorce season.”
7th Dec 2020

Your Divorce and Your Privacy: Steps to Help Mitigate Gossip at Work

divorce lawyersHaving your dirty laundry out for others to see can be embarrassing in business and personal settings. As far as privacy goes, divorce is often at the top of the list of things people would prefer remain private. 
Nov 2020
30th Nov 2020

Asset Division in 2020: What Should I Know?

divorce attorneys2020 has come and gone like a whirlwind, and the pandemic along with other global events have left many with troubled finances. Despite this, divorce rates have not decreased significantly, which means that plenty of soon-to-be-separated partners have an additional financial burden to worry about: asset division. 
20th Nov 2020

Gathering Evidence of Domestic Abuse in CA

divorce attorneysFor victims of domestic abuse, fighting back can be an uphill battle. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and willpower to stand up to an abuser, for one. Once this step is taken, the victim then has to deal with the inevitable denial and pushback from the ex.
12th Nov 2020

A Review on the Types of CA Divorce Proceedings

family law and divorce legal adviceWhen it comes to terminating a marriage, we at R & S Law Group, LLP are the first to attest that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach! Every relationship is different and families have their own dynamics as well as specific circumstances. 
8th Nov 2020

Ask a CA Divorce Attorney: Custody During the Holidays

Family Law AttorneysThe end of a very unorthodox year is coming to an end, which brings unique holiday stress and challenges. In general, specifics about holiday schedules can shift and are often determined on a year-by-year basis. This year, COVID restrictions are further complicating things. 

Due to this and general holiday stress, you, the ex, and the children may not see eye-to-eye on how to proceed. For today’s post, we’re discussing things to keep in mind when figuring out how to assign custody during the holiday season in a way that accounts for everyone’s needs.
Oct 2020
28th Oct 2020

Extreme Political Ideologies and Custody: How Does this Impact my Case?

family lawFor many people, the election is just another in the constant four-year cycle of American politics. For others, however, it has become much more and many have been pushed to extreme or polarizing ideologies that are causing a rift between family and friends.

For today’s post, we are looking at how political ideologies can impact your custody case. This doesn’t apply to just recent political debates, either. Many people worry that their ex has unusual beliefs, buys too much into conspiracy theories, and more, which prompts them to ask about this topic.
18th Oct 2020

Confidentiality Agreements Can Be A Powerful Tool During your CA Divorce

divorce attorneysMany people regard confidentiality agreements in divorces suspiciously. It’s true, they have a bit of a reputation as a tool used by wealthy, powerful men to shield themselves from public scrutiny. When used to silence victims of harassment or pending litigation, it’s hard to disagree with critics. This is a shameless and illegitimate use of this tool, one that has tainted its reputation. 

However, there are legitimate reasons to implement a confidentiality agreement in your upcoming CA divorce. For today’s post, we’re looking at what a confidentiality agreement could mean for your divorce.
10th Oct 2020

Date of Separation: What Does This Date Mean For My CA Divorce?

divorce lawyersFor many people, the date when they separate from their ex-spouse carries significant emotional impact. However, there’s also legal implications to this specific date, and the family law courts assign it significance for their own purposes.

Today’s post is a refresher on dates of separation. We’ll cover how a date of separation is assessed, and what implications it carries for your divorce proceedings in California. 
5th Oct 2020

When Does a Parent’s Obligation End in CA?

family law attorneyChild support is an important mechanism that helps ensure all children are cared and provided for, even after a messy divorce. Child support is often a contentious point in most divorces, and is one of our areas of focus here at R & S Law Group, LLP. 
Sep 2020
29th Sep 2020

Key Tips for Helping you and Your Child Succeed with Online Learning

family law attorneyWe’ve spent some time discussing how the new online “normal” has impacted child custody arrangements and made it harder for parents to work together. However, another added stress to this is the fact that online learning can make the learning process itself more challenging. Added distractions, technological hurdles, and unexpected outages are just some of the issues parents have to worry about.
20th Sep 2020

Prenuptial Agreements: What is Off-limits?

family law attorneysA prenuptial agreement allows two people to come to a legal agreement before they tie the knot and are officially married. They’re often used to hash out financial arrangements if things go south and the couple separates, but can include other terms and stipulations as well.
10th Sep 2020

Do You Feel Trapped in a One-Sided Relationship? Warning Signs to Look out For

family law legal adviceIn our experience, while divorce is often caused by a variety of complex factors and circumstances, there are many times where contention and resentment can be traced back to one partner’s selfish or self-centered actions. Relationships should be about give and take and while it’s not always constructive to quantify who brings what to the table, the fact is that self people exist and they are often good at manipulation.
6th Sep 2020

The Limits of Mediation: When Should You Skip the Negotiations with the Ex?

hand_ shakeWe’ve spoken highly of using mediation as a tool to help you resolve any family law matter quickly and efficiently. In addition to promoting collaboration, which is key in ensuring co-parenting plans are effective, mediation helps you save time and money as you get to skip the tradition in-court proceedings.
Aug 2020
28th Aug 2020

Can I Trust My Attorney? Warning Signs to Look Out For

family lawAs your court date draws near, do you have everything checked off? How about your attorney? Do you feel he/she has prioritized your case and helped set it on the right track? 

Despite what popular jokes might assert, attorneys are just people. This means some are good at their jobs while others, well not so much. This is why we always advise clients that they really scrutinize their attorney, which is what we’re focusing on in this post. 
20th Aug 2020

Is There a Correlation Between Major Life Events and Divorce?

divorce attorneysThe COVID-19 pandemic has certainly proven itself as a major life disruptor, with the virus continuing to spread for over half a year. The added stresses and challenges have certainly led to higher divorce rates in California, and across the U. S.
14th Aug 2020

Many Essential Workers Dealing with Tough Custody Issues

family law attorneyThese days, essential workers find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Many are exposing themselves to a potentially deadly and poorly misunderstood virus just to pay their bills. There’s little or no additional hazard pay, and many of these jobs don’t have the highest pay to begin with.
3rd Aug 2020

Retirement Accounts and Divorce: What Are My Options

divorce lawyersFor those who are looking to get a divorce in CA and are close to the age of retirement, one question always pops up: what happens to my retirement accounts when we split up? Considering the high value of these types of assets, the concern is certainly justified. 
Jul 2020
29th Jul 2020

Adopting as a Single Person in CA: What to Know

divorce attorneysWhen people think of adoptions, they think of parents looking to provide a home for a child in their shared household. They don’t often picture single people adopting but lately, more and more single people have been taking upon this responsibility. Recent data shows that annually, around 15,000 single women and 2,000 single men adopt a child in the United States.
20th Jul 2020

School Choice Disagreements and Litigation: What Factors are at Play?

divorce attorneysDivorced parents often butt heads over many topics, and school choice is no exception to this. After all, where your child goes to school is a major life decision that impacts everyone involved. 

You might not hear this topic much in dramatic court TV shows or movies, but school choice often leads to major disputes in family law proceedings. For today’s post, we’re looking at the ways which parents can approach this conflict, and going over the factors that the courts consider when they have to step in with a decision on school choice.
10th Jul 2020

Breaking Up Over a Video Call: How COVID-19 is Pushing Virtual Divorce

divorce lawyersDue to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many courts across CA remain closed for divorce proceedings. This has stalled or outright stopped many divorce proceedings, which comes with its own major life interruptions on top of other COVID-19 restrictions. 
2nd Jul 2020

Dealing with a Narcissist during Divorce

divorce lawyersThese days, the word narcissist is tossed around without caution. But just because the word is overused doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of people with narcissistic tendencies out there. This manifests itself in traits such as arrogance, manipulative behaviors, and more. 

Can people help being a narcissist, or is this something that is part of their nature? While this ages-long question might never be answered, people still have to deal with narcissists. Being married to one can be truly enraging and stress-inducing, so you can only imagine how divorcing them might play out.