Aug 2022
15th Aug 2022

Leveraging Supervised Exchanges in Your CA Divorce

divorce lawyersLike most parents, the CA family law courts always prioritize ensuring the safety and well-being of children. This is one of the biggest tenets in family law in CA, which means that there are various options and mechanisms in place to help keep families safe during the divorce process and after once the dust has been settled. 
10th Aug 2022

True Duration of Alimony and the Supposed “10 Year Rule” in CA

family law attorneysWhen we think of divorce and family law in CA, alimony and spousal support are often at the forefront of people’s minds. It isn’t uncommon for the topic to pop up during casual chats about divorce, and people are quick to spread half-truths and gossip. This isn’t too surprising, considering the impact that alimony can have on anyone’s long-term financial health and planning. 
5th Aug 2022

Ask a CA Divorce Attorney: 5 Types of Spousal Support to Know About

divorce lawyersAs is the case in most states, CA has spousal support built into the family law code. Also referred to as alimony, this type of financial support is usually provided by one party to the other after the divorce is finalized. The idea behind alimony is that it’s meant to help the other party get back on their feet after such a drastic change in their financial landscape. 
Jul 2022
20th Jul 2022

Divorce and the Workplace: Can I Get In Trouble?

divorce lawyersWhen someone is navigating a divorce, one common question that comes to mind is: should I tell my employer about what’s going on? This might seem like an odd question, but nowadays lines are blurred and privacy is hard to maintain. Many people are worried that their employer could be crawling through social media, or snooping in general which could open them up to retaliation, and rightfully so. Teachers for example have been the subject of much scrutiny for doing something as simple as uploading a picture with a red plastic cup and it can be hard to predict how your employer might react to divorce.
15th Jul 2022

Marriage and Divorce Stats in CA and the US

family lawToday, we want to change things up a bit by looking at a few recent different divorce facts and statistics. While the pandemic and other global challenges have impacted divorce states to some degree, many trends have been constant for over 40 years and going. In some cases, these trends actually go against conventional wisdom or popular assumptions about divorce
10th Jul 2022

Parallel Parenting vs Co-Parenting: What are the Benefits?

divorce lawyersAfter a divorce is finalized, many parents struggle to navigate the shared parental duties particularly if the divorce was hostile or contentious. Parenting is challenging enough, but when you add a resentful ex to the mix, any small issue can explode into a major conflict. 
5th Jul 2022

Risk Factors for Divorce: What Does the Research Say?

divorce lawyersWhile divorce rates have been steadily on the decrease, divorce is still a reality for countless Americans every year. Current divorce rates are at around 15 out of every 1,000 marriages every year, and with a growing population, instances of divorce are quite common. 
Jun 2022
20th Jun 2022

How to Navigate A Name Change After Your California Divorce

divorce lawyersThere’s lots of aspects to consider when you prepare for and go through with a divorce in California. Some of the more pressing matters usually involve things like child custody disputes and determining who gets to keep what assets/property after the divorce. However, there are also lots of smaller but equally vital details to consider. For many women, one of these details centers on whether they should keep or change their married name, and whether any of the children should undergo a name change.
15th Jun 2022

Rings and Divorce: What Are the Rules and Expectations in California?

divorce lawyersWedding and engagement rings play a major role in most marriages in the US. As representations of love and commitment, their symbolic significance is perhaps only matched by their financial significance. These days, the typical wedding ring costs upwards of $6,000 and much, much more depending on the couples’ financial standing. 
10th Jun 2022

Marijuana Use and Custody After Legalization in California

Family Law AttorneysAs marijuana consumption becomes more socially acceptable and integrated into mainstream society, many people’s attitudes towards pot have grown more lax over the years. This has been paired with recent legalization in California and a few other states, which has further taken much of the taboo away from marijuana users. 
5th Jun 2022

Do Your Research: Tips For Finding a Trusted CA Divorce Attorney

divorce attorneysThese days, doing things on your own by following a step-by-step video tutorial is all the rage. This approach however doesn’t quite translate to family law so easily. 

With such huge stakes at play, it's important to ensure that everything settles in a way that works for you and your loved ones. From custody issues to alimony or asset division, there are many sensitive and impacting matters that the family law courts have to determine. You need your own legal counsel, especially if the ex isn’t willing to work with you and has his/her own legal representation.
May 2022
20th May 2022

What Can I NOT Include In a Prenuptial Agreement in California?

family law attorneysPrenuptial agreements have seen an increase in popularity in CA, especially when it comes to high net worth individuals. Although many people regard prenuptials with disdain, others are able to successfully implement them early on to ensure that both individuals are on the same financial page. When used correctly, a prenuptial agreement can actually strengthen your resolution and security in the marriage, as it allots all parties more control in the face of uncertainty. 
15th May 2022

Main Reasons to Adopt Your Stepchildren in CA

family law attorneysThese days, blended families are increasingly the norm for many people. These arrangements are a great way for once-divorced parents to move forward and establish a new family, one where they and their children can feel safe and supported. Whether the children are from a previous marriage or from the new union, the benefits to re-integrating into a blended family are significant. 


The biggest leap that a stepparent can make to complete this picture is to formally adopt any stepchildren and take on the role of legal parent. For today’s post, we’d like to spend some time discussing the biggest legal and personal benefits that adopting a stepchild brings to parents, children, and other close relatives.


Increased Parental and Legal Rights


From a legal standpoint, formally adopting a stepchild carries significant benefits and rights that should not be ignored. When the adoption is finalized, the stepparent is granted the exact same parental duties, rights, and responsibilities that would normally be expected from a biological parent. This can enable you to make decisions about the child’s health, education, and more.


Increased Emotional Support and Smoother Transition


Although members of blended families often report positive experiences once things have firmed up, it’s true that parents and children who experience the effects of divorce can have a really difficult time. There’s lots of emotions and uncertainty to work through, and this can take a significant toll on the kids as well. 


When a stepparent moves to adopt his or her partner’s children, this can help ensure a smoother transition into the new family life. It demonstrates that you’re in it for the long haul and have no plans to abandon the family, which can further foster trust and a sense of security. 


Our Expert Attorneys Are Here To Answer Any and All CA Family Law Questions


The legal and emotional, as well as fiscal benefits of adopting a stepchild in California cannot be understated, but do note that the legal process itself can be complicated and time-consuming. If you and your family have determined that adoption of your stepchildren is the right call for you, the next step should be to consult with an experienced family law attorney. 


At R & S Law Group, LLP, we offer combined decades of experience and a team of dedicated legal experts who are here to walk you through any family law matter in CA. Whether you’re looking to adopt a stepchild, have questions about spousal support, are dealing with asset division, or are involved in any other family law matter in CA, know that we are here to help!


Cal us at (949) 825-5245 today to book a free initial consultation with our team of experts. 
10th May 2022

Taxes and Divorce in California: What To Look Out For

divorce attorneysWith the passing of each year, few things are as consistent as taxes. This applies to all working adults, whether married, divorced, or in the process of getting divorced. The IRS expects all taxpayers to file their taxes but, depending on their marital status, could have different rules and expectations for different groups of people. 
5th May 2022

Common Divorce Mistakes and Oversights to Avoid

divorce attorneysAfter years of helping clients work through many divorce and family law matters in CA, we’ve seen it all. One of the most valuable pieces of wisdom and experience often come from the things people do wrong, as opposed to what they are doing correctly. 
Apr 2022
15th Apr 2022

Dividing Debt During Divorce: Who Gets Saddled With the Bills?

divorce related financeAs your CA divorce approaches, you’re likely thinking and preparing for the long-term outcomes and your financial health. Not surprisingly, one of the top questions we get is “what do I get to keep, and what will he/she get to take away?” 
10th Apr 2022

How Internet-Connected Devices Could Impact Your CA Divorce

family law attorneysIn recent years, tons of common household devices have been upgraded with fancy Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities that allow homeowners tons of modern conveniences. These include being able to lock and unlock doors remotely, set AC and heating schedules and adjust them without touching the thermostat, manage household groceries and other chores, use a doorbell and other appliances for surveillance, and so much more.
5th Apr 2022

Preparing to File a Financial Order in CA

Family Law AttorneysIn CA, it’s possible for both ex-spouses to request a variety of orders or requests. Individuals can file multiple orders at once, and there are little or no limitations as to how many orders they can submit. However, an order isn’t automatically granted; the family law courts must assess the order and ensure it is valid and fair to all involved parties.
Mar 2022
28th Mar 2022

Summer Tips for Co-Parenting Effectively

child custody lawyersFor newly-divorced parents, adjusting to the new parenting schedule is a major adjustment. If this shift happens during the middle of the school year, the structure in place can help keep things a little more manageable. But what about summer, when kids are out of school for an extended period of time? 
20th Mar 2022

Key Pillars of Child Custody Law to Know in California

family law attorneysAs children are often unable to advocate for themselves and are some of the most vulnerable groups in society, custody law in CA tries to account for this and ensure their safety above all. In the midst of a heated custody battle however, it can be easy for parents to lose sight of this as they focus on their feud. 

Prep yourself with the knowledge that you need for your upcoming custody issues in CA. Today’s post is a look at the three most important pillars that CA custody law adheres to and is centered around.
11th Mar 2022

What Can I Do if My Spouse Won’t Sign the Divorce Papers?

divorce lawyersAs we’ve seen in many instances, getting a divorce is emotionally difficult and a logistics nightmare to begin with. Having to uproot your entire life, potentially separate your family into different arrangements, and facing the uncertainty of post-divorce life can be a lot for anyone. 
5th Mar 2022

Tips for Moving Your Career Prospects Forward After the Divorce

divorce lawyersA divorce changes more than your family life. Such a major upheaval can also affect things like your career growth and financial stability. Today, we thought we’d switch gears a bit and focus on tips that can help you keep your career on track even during and after your divorce proceedings. 
Feb 2022
20th Feb 2022

How is Spousal Abandonment Defined in California?

divorce attorneysWhen someone is unhappy in a marriage and wishes to end it, the next logical step for someone is to initiate divorce proceedings. However, there are instances of people choosing to walk away or simply “vanish” from the lives of their spouse and their children. 
15th Feb 2022

The Role of a Forensic Accountant During Asset Division

family law attorneysAs you prepare for your upcoming divorce, it’s important to keep the asset division process at the front of your head. Custody and support disputes are emotionally draining and it can be difficult to focus on anything else, but your post-divorce financial health is just as important.