Jun 2020
28th Jun 2020

Heterosexual Couples May Now Opt for a Domestic Partnership in CA

family law attorneysA new law that became effective at the beginning of this year gives heretosexual couples an additional option other than marriage: a domestic partnership. With the passing of this law, all couples in the state of CA can now choose between getting married or being recognized by the government as a domestic partnership.
18th Jun 2020

An Overview of Child Support Arrears in CA

family law legal adviceAfter a divorce, a family court judge might find it appropriate to assign child support payments to one party. These are payments designed to cover the needs and living expenses of any involved children, and the exact amount can vary based on the overall family circumstances and lifestyle.
10th Jun 2020

Fathers’ Rights During Custody Disputes: Where Does the Court Stand?

family law attorneysWe’ve previously discussed the ways in which California family law courts determine custody and visitation arrangements, and today we’d like to build on that discussion. Specifically, we want to talk about how California family law courts approach father’s rights vs mothers’ rights during traditional proceedings.
3rd Jun 2020

Child Custody Settlement or Dispute? Benefits of Collaborating with the Ex

family law attorneyPredictably, child custody issues are some of the most challenging discussions that divorcing parents have to engage in. In many cases, growing resentment and a desire to “win over” the kids in the ensuing fallout can cause people to become combative. Litigation is often on the table, which often takes serious financial and mental toll on all involved parties.
May 2020
28th May 2020

Tips for Keeping Your Marriage Strong During the COVID-19 Pandemic

divorce attorneysCOVID-19 has changed a lot for many people. Your family’s daily routine likely looks nothing like it used to, and these sudden changes can stress test even the strongest of marriages. Divorce rates have spiked since the pandemic set in, highlighting just how challenging it can be to navigate these issues. 
20th May 2020

Help. My Ex is Sending Me Threats or Other Abusive Communications!

family law legal adviceSome divorces are more civil than others. Then there are those where one party refuses to let up, and will constantly harass the soon-to-be-ex out of rage, jealousy, resentment, and more. In our experience, the hostility can happen throughout the entire proceedings, and doesn’t always taper off after the divorce is finalized. However, the aggressive behaviors often reach their peak at around the same time that litigation is taking place.
10th May 2020

A Review of Mediation: When Does Alternative Dispute Resolution Make Sense?

Family Law AttorneysYear after year, client after client, it becomes more apparent that alternative dispute resolution such as mediation carry major advantages. At R & S Law Group, LLP, we always emphasize legal strategies that best protect our clients and their loved ones. Mediation is often one of our top suggestions given how much it benefits everyone involved, but there isn’t a simple solution to all divorce cases.
4th May 2020

Divorce Rate Statistics: Where are they Trending?

divorce lawyersWith online venues continuing to act as the primary channels for discussion, there are countless viewpoints and “stats” about divorce out there. We’ve come across rumors of every kind, sometimes even contradictory statements or arguments on the same page. 
Apr 2020
28th Apr 2020

Adapting Your Co-Parenting Plan to COVID-19

child custody lawyersNow that we are a few months into the COVID-19 outbreak, many parents have adapted their co-parenting plan to account for the new landscape. Unfortunately, there still isn’t a clear end in sight for when the pandemic will “end.” Guidelines have varied from state to state, and government agency to government agency, giving everyone a sense of disorder and disarray.
20th Apr 2020

Mental Health Issues and Family Law in California

divorce attorneysWhile mental health issues are more prominently discussed these days, there is still a lot of taboo surrounding these topics. On top of that, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and there is still much we don’t know about how things can go “wrong” inside the human brain.
10th Apr 2020

Separated Spouses and Taxes: What you Need to Know

divorce lawyersThere are a lot of moving pieces when a couple decides to move forward with a divorce or legal separation. One of the most anxiety-inducing parts of the puzzle involves taxes post-divorce or separation. After all, including or submitting false or incorrect information to the IRS could result in a variety of penalties, fees, and more. 
2nd Apr 2020

Divorce during COVID-19: What are my Options?

divorce lawyersThe COVID-19 outbreak is having far-reaching effects that will impact us for not just months, but years to come. As of today, there are over a million confirmed cases in the U. S. alone, and roughly four times that amount across the globe. 

This has led to shuttering of various private and public operations, and family law courts are no exception. With limited options, this can pose a problem for those looking to get divorced, particularly if they are trying to escape a hostile home environment. 
Mar 2020
28th Mar 2020

What Happens When Death Occurs During Divorce Proceedings?

divorce lawyersAn unexpected death can upheave the lives of many, but the truth is there’s no working around or scheduling for tragic events. Tragedy can strike at any time, and divorce is no exception to this. When death does occur in the middle of divorce proceedings, how do the California family law courts proceed?
15th Mar 2020

I’m Planning to Divorce an Addict: What Should I Know?

divorce attorneysIt goes without saying that divorce is one of the toughest times in most people’s lives. However, things are significantly complicated when one of the spouses is an addict. Addiction comes in many forms and can include alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual behaviors, and more.

Addiction impacts everyone involved, not just the addict. This can make it especially difficult for someone to take the first concrete step towards leaving the marriage. For today’s post, we’re exploring the unique challenges faced by those trying to get a divorce from a spouse struggling with an addiction.
12th Mar 2020

What do Do When the Ex Uses False Accusations Against You

Family Law AttorneysAre you finding yourself on the receiving end of a false accusation during your family law case in CA? Enduring lies meant to make you look bad or otherwise “hurt” your case can be frustrating, and unfortunately, this is something that we see far too often during any type of contentious family law dispute.
8th Mar 2020

Language Fluency And Child Custody: How Does This Impact My Case?

family law attorneyChild custody disputes can be fiery and combative affairs, given the stakes at hand. At R & S Law Group, LLP, we’ve seen parents try everything to get even the smallest edge in court, from flinging false accusations to trying to intimate the other parents outside of court, and more.
Jan 2020
25th Jan 2020

Child Custody FAQs: What are Emergency Screenings?

family law attorneyIn California, a parent might be summoned to the family law courts for an emergency screening. This means that the courts have a reason to believe an immediate emergency exists involving a child, one that threatens his/her health or welfare. Thus, they want to conduct a quick investigation and make any court orders appropriate to the situation.
20th Jan 2020

What is an Ex Parte Court Motion?

family law attorneysIn California, it’s possible for someone to request an emergency court hearing or order. This is known as an ex parte motion, and is only reserved for situations that justify urgency. If granted, the judge then executes an ex parte order
15th Jan 2020

Legal Distinctions Between Marriage and Domestic Partnerships

family law attorneysIn California, domestic partnerships are afforded the same rights and benefits, as well as obligations, that are afforded to a traditional marriage. This includes all rights involving raising a child, protections for a partner if the other one passes away, the right to adopt, the right to own community property, and more.
4th Jan 2020

Legal Marijuana and your Child Custody Case

family law attorneysIn California, it’s legal for adults aged 21 and older to partake in recreational marijuana. This is a huge sigh of relief for users, and is considered by many a major milestone in progressive drug policy in the US.

While you can now legally use marijuana in the appropriate settings, scenarios that involve child custody matters are a different beast altogether. Today, we are offering key advice to keep in mind if you choose to use legal recreational marijuana while dealing with custody issues in CA.
Dec 2019
31st Dec 2019

Additional California Custody Tips to Know

family law legal adviceCustody battles and other related matters are possibly some of the most challenging facets of any divorce. Parents often fight passionately to make sure they end up on the “winning side.” While being concerned about your children’s future is reasonable, many parents take their behavior to an extreme. 
20th Dec 2019

After the Divorces: Unexpected Challenges You Might Face

Family Law AttorneysOver the years, divorce rates have remained steady and even climbed with some demographics. These days, researchers estimate that 1 in 2 marriages will end in divorce, which includes about 40% of all new marriages.
12th Dec 2019

Technology and Co-Parenting: An Asset or a Detriment?

family law attorneysPreviously, we’ve looked at ways in which you can use technology to bridge the gap between you and your children, especially after a divorce. Today, we’re continuing this topic from a slightly different perspective.
2nd Dec 2019

TIps for Handling Home Equity During a Divorce

divorce attorneysIn California, the cost of real estate can be astronomical. This is why so many people go in with their partner when making such large investments, and it’s not unusual for married couples to have shared equity of a home or property.

This can lead to complications if and when divorce is on the table. We at R & S Law Group, LLP, are familiar with these types of cases and can vouch for how messy they can get. To help give you an idea of what to expect, we’re going over the main approaches that couples usually work with in order to handle home equity during a divorce.