Aug 2021
25th Aug 2021

What Should I Share With My Employer About my Ongoing Divorce?

divorce lawyersDivorce is a sensitive, emotionally-charged process. Many people value their privacy and confidentiality, especially during times of duress. This is why it’s important for people who are getting divorced to have that option to disclose the information to whomever they choose. After all, no one likes to be the subject of the latest gossip going around your social circles, or the water cooler.
20th Aug 2021

Domestic Violence Can Cause Custody Issues for the Victim Too

family law firmThe presence of domestic violence or abuse in a home can greatly jeopardize the safety and well-being of a child. For this reason, family law courts will often be quick to act to ensure that the child is removed from any immediate danger, and perpetrators of domestic violence jeopardize their parental rights with their actions.
15th Aug 2021

What Qualities Make for an Effective Family Divorce Mediator in CA?

family law legal adviceWe’ve previously discussed the benefits of mediation extensively, and for good reason. When you and the ex are willing to cooperate or find middle ground, you can both save lots of time, money, and heartache. If mediation is an option, you’ll want to recruit the assistance of a legal professional who can act as your family divorce mediator. 
9th Aug 2021

Re-negotiating a Custody Agreement: What Are My Options?

family law attorneyGetting to a finalized, concrete custody agreement can be an arduous process. It often involves months of back-and-forth between parties, lengthy legal proceedings, and emotionally-charged disputes or arguments when parents don’t see eye-to-eye. Once the dust finally settles, the family law courts hope that the established plan promotes the health, well-being, and interests of the child as well as the parents. 
Jul 2021
23rd Jul 2021

Are Your Children Using Social Media Safely and Responsibly?

family law attorneysSocial media in all its forms is here to stay: whether you’re using Facebook, sharing clips via Snapchat, showing off your latest escapades in Instagram, or getting lost in TikTok. There’s nearly 4 billion users across the globe and for most people in California, this includes their children. 

There’s lots of great and interesting content on these sites, and they are a great way to stay connected with others. However, there are also lots of threats and dangers lurking online. More than ever, it’s critical that your children understand how to stay safe on the internet. Likewise, they need to ensure they don’t do anything to avoid negative attention. After all, their behavior online and offline is regarded as a reflection of your parenting abilities, especially when it comes to the family law courts in CA.
17th Jul 2021

Therapy Can be Invaluable in Helping You Navigate Your California Divorce

divorce lawyersDivorce is not easy: this isn’t exactly a surprise or revelation. The psychological and emotional impact of divorce can often be devastating for all involved parties, including yourself, your children, and other members of your household as well as relatives.

There’s many ways in which people cope with such trying times; some of these coping strategies are more beneficial than others. Today’s post is a look at therapy and how it can be used as an effective tool to help you navigate your divorce. We’ll also discuss whether the fact that you’re in therapy could be used against you in any way, perhaps by the ex or by family law court officials during legal proceedings. 
10th Jul 2021

Non Military Spouses and Military Benefits in CA

family law attorneysMilitary divorces often have unique complications due to the nature of the military and its bureaucracy/unique set of rules. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the questions we get about military divorces center on military benefits. 

If you or your spouse are an enlisted member of the military, there’s a set of unique military benefits you’ll want to be familiar with. Each type of benefit carries its own eligibility requirements, often based on time as well as other facts. 
4th Jul 2021

Is the Stress From Your Healthcare Job Placing Your Marriage in Jeopardy?

family law attorneysThe healthcare industry is a tough environment. Here, professionals have to deal with life-and-death scenarios on a regular basis and the hours are often arduous and long. It’s no secret that healthcare workers often put their own well-being and health at risk for the sake of their patients’. Add the recent pandemic to the mix and the truth is, healthcare workers have never been under so much stress.
Jun 2021
26th Jun 2021

How Does Crypto Impact Asset Division in CA?

divorce attorneysYou’ve likely seen more and more advertisements for cryptocurrency everywhere, whether from your social media feed or while tuning in to a major sporting event. This type of alternative currency has been increasing in popularity over the years, and is now at an all-time high. We’re even seeing banks, corporations, and governments slowly starting to work with and accepting crypto. 
19th Jun 2021

Criminal Offenses and How They Can Affect Your Parental Rights in CA

family law attorneyWhen it comes to differences of opinion, few areas are as contentious and challenging as custody/visitation disputes. In many cases, everyone involved just wants to look out for the involved children, and both parents might simply not see eye-to-eye on smaller specific details. 
10th Jun 2021

Asking The Courts to Lower or Stop to Spousal Support

family law legal adviceAfter a divorce, the state of California may grant one of both parties alimony or spousal support. In basic terms, these are payments meant to cover some or all of the living expenses of the other party, and they are often implemented when there is a large gap between the income level of both parties. 
4th Jun 2021

How You Can Help Strengthen Your Marriage During Difficult Times

Family Law AttorneysThe last year has been a truly difficult time for people everywhere, and many places are still buckling under the pressure of the pandemic and other current events. Even in places where the pandemic is no longer hitting as hard as it was, the effects are sure to be felt for years or perhaps decades to come. 
May 2021
25th May 2021

Ask a Family Law Attorney: How is Someone Deemed Unfit to be a Parent in CA?

family law attorneysUnfortunately, not every parent is up to the task of caring for their child. A parent may sometimes be unable to provide proper guidance, care, support, and any other basic needs that a child requires. In more severe cases, a parent’s actions or behaviors may directly endanger the health and well-being of a child. 
15th May 2021

Assessing the True Value of Assets During Your California Divorce

divorce attorneysFor many couples in CA, financial disagreements and disputes are a leading cause of divorce. This can make the asset division process rather contentious, and this is usually true even for couples who are separating due to reasons that don’t involve finances. 

To further complicate things, it can be challenging to assess and agree upon the value of the assets themselves. Many people try ro deliberately downplay the value of certain assets, while other times complex tax or finance laws make this valuation inherently challenging and prone to error. 
10th May 2021

A Review of Top Divorce Half-Truths and Myths

divorce lawyersAs things slowly get back to normal in many parts of the country, divorce proceedings will likely continue to charge forward at an increased rate. This is especially true as more and more courts open up. Given this, we at R & S Law Group, LLP decided to take this opportunity to tackle some top divorce myths, half-truths, and downright lies. 
5th May 2021

Custody and Divorce Challenges for Military Families

divorce attorneysMilitary families face a variety of unique challenges. At times, one parent may be away for extended periods of time, leaving the other parent to bear the brunt of the household responsibilities. This can often lead to stress in the marriage, and divorce can even be on the table.
Apr 2021
25th Apr 2021

Leveraging Expert Testimony During Your CA Divorce Proceedings

family law attorneysWhen it comes to legal proceedings within family law, nothing is seemingly off the table. People will take any and all measures to try and ensure an upper hand over their soon-to-be-ex, sometimes to the detriment of their cause. You might be surprised to hear however that leveraging an expert witness during family law court isn’t just a way to turn the tide effectively, but is also routine and not unusual in the slightest. 
17th Apr 2021

Cohabitation in California: Legal Differences Between Married and Unmarried Couples

family law legal adviceMany states have implemented common law marriage, which means that an unmarried couple who cohabitates may be automatically considered a formal marriage under certain circumstances. However, California is not one of those states, and unmarried couples who cohabitate don’t always have the same rights that a married couple might. 
10th Apr 2021

Should You Involve Children in Custody Talks?

family law attorneysWhen you’ve decided that divorce is the next step for you and your spouse, the next few weeks or months are largely informed by your specific circumstances. One of the biggest and most impactful factors centers on whether there are any children in the family. 

Having to hash out custody arrangements with the ex isn’t always easy, and many parents feel even more anxious when they think about how they’re going to share this information with the kids. For today’s post, we’re offering a few tips as to what steps you need to take care of before you broach this subject. We’ll also cover some general tips that can help shape your approach as you prepare to talk to your kids about the divorce and future divorce issues. 
7th Apr 2021

Protecting your Retirement Assets During Your CA Divorce

divorce attorneysAs most people know, planning for retirement is a lengthy and arduous process. When divorce is on the table, the future and uncertainty of your retirement quickly comes into question. Will you get to keep what you’ve world to accumulate or will the family law courts split those assets between you and your ex?
Mar 2021
20th Mar 2021

Is The Child Being Alienated From A Parent? Warning Signs to Consider

family law attorneysDivorce gives many the chance to start over while continuing to foster those relationships that are important to them. However, for some parents, divorce can signal the beginning of future conflicts with the ex, especially when it comes to any involved children.
15th Mar 2021

Ask a Family Law Attorney: A Review of Grandparents’ Rights in CA

family law attorneyFor many, grandparents play an important role in their lives and upbringing. The family law courts in CA recognize this, and it is possible for grandparents to seek certain legal rights when it comes to custody or visitation rights.
10th Mar 2021

The Dangers of Representing Yourself in a California Family Law Case

Family Law AttorneysDivorce happens for a variety of reasons: incompatibility, infidelity, financial hardships, health issues, and more. Regardless of the reasons behind your divorce, don’t assume you can represent yourself in court. We’ve seen it time and time again, someone who expects a straightforward procedure ends up facing off against a very well-prepared ex with an aggressive lawyer on their side. 
6th Mar 2021

Signs or Evidence of Emotional Abuse Can Impact Custody Disputes in CA

family law legal adviceParents are passionate when it comes to their children, and it is understandable that divorcing parents may not always see eye to eye on decisions involving the kids. Unfortunately, not every parent is willing or able to prioritize the well-being of their children and disputes aren’t always so clear-cut.