Jan 2020
25th Jan 2020

Child Custody FAQs: What are Emergency Screenings?

family law attorneyIn California, a parent might be summoned to the family law courts for an emergency screening. This means that the courts have a reason to believe an immediate emergency exists involving a child, one that threatens his/her health or welfare. Thus, they want to conduct a quick investigation and make any court orders appropriate to the situation.
20th Jan 2020

What is an Ex Parte Court Motion?

family law attorneysIn California, it’s possible for someone to request an emergency court hearing or order. This is known as an ex parte motion, and is only reserved for situations that justify urgency. If granted, the judge then executes an ex parte order
15th Jan 2020

Legal Distinctions Between Marriage and Domestic Partnerships

family law attorneysIn California, domestic partnerships are afforded the same rights and benefits, as well as obligations, that are afforded to a traditional marriage. This includes all rights involving raising a child, protections for a partner if the other one passes away, the right to adopt, the right to own community property, and more.
4th Jan 2020

Legal Marijuana and your Child Custody Case

family law attorneysIn California, it’s legal for adults aged 21 and older to partake in recreational marijuana. This is a huge sigh of relief for users, and is considered by many a major milestone in progressive drug policy in the US.

While you can now legally use marijuana in the appropriate settings, scenarios that involve child custody matters are a different beast altogether. Today, we are offering key advice to keep in mind if you choose to use legal recreational marijuana while dealing with custody issues in CA.
Dec 2019
31st Dec 2019

Additional California Custody Tips to Know

family law legal adviceCustody battles and other related matters are possibly some of the most challenging facets of any divorce. Parents often fight passionately to make sure they end up on the “winning side.” While being concerned about your children’s future is reasonable, many parents take their behavior to an extreme. 
20th Dec 2019

After the Divorces: Unexpected Challenges You Might Face

Family Law AttorneysOver the years, divorce rates have remained steady and even climbed with some demographics. These days, researchers estimate that 1 in 2 marriages will end in divorce, which includes about 40% of all new marriages.
12th Dec 2019

Technology and Co-Parenting: An Asset or a Detriment?

family law attorneysPreviously, we’ve looked at ways in which you can use technology to bridge the gap between you and your children, especially after a divorce. Today, we’re continuing this topic from a slightly different perspective.
2nd Dec 2019

TIps for Handling Home Equity During a Divorce

divorce attorneysIn California, the cost of real estate can be astronomical. This is why so many people go in with their partner when making such large investments, and it’s not unusual for married couples to have shared equity of a home or property.

This can lead to complications if and when divorce is on the table. We at R & S Law Group, LLP, are familiar with these types of cases and can vouch for how messy they can get. To help give you an idea of what to expect, we’re going over the main approaches that couples usually work with in order to handle home equity during a divorce.
Nov 2019
28th Nov 2019

Reviewing the Benefits of Mediation on Child Custody Outcomes

Family Law AttorneysWe’ve covered the benefits of mediation before, but today we want to focus on child custody outcomes specifically. Over time, we’ve observed that parents who opt for mediation tend to enjoy better and healthier outcomes when compared to those who have a full-on custody battle. 
20th Nov 2019

Don’t Make These Common Child Support Mistakes!

family law legal advicePaying for and keeping up with child support payments can be tricky, especially when you look at how quickly the courts act to penalize parents who miss a payment or make a mistake. These rules are understandably designed to ensure parents are providing for their children’s needs at all times, but they can sometimes ensnare well-intentioned parents who might have made a simple mistake.
12th Nov 2019

My Spouse Wants a Divorce, What Should I Do?

divorce lawyersDivorce is usually initiated by one party, even if both partners feel the same way about the future of the marriage. Of course, there are cases where someone is blindsided by the prospect of divorce. Whether you see it coming or not, being on the receiving end of a petition for divorce can be nerve-wracking. 
2nd Nov 2019

Taking the Fast Lane: How Can I Expedite my Divorce in CA?

divorce lawyersAs we’ve discussed plenty of times on here, divorce is a complicated and lengthy process that can lead to unpredictable outcomes. Simply put, no one enjoys the legal process of getting a divorce. This often leads to clients asking us about a fast lane. Are there any options for couples who are looking to expedite their divorce in CA, or is everyone stuck on the same typical proceedings?
Oct 2019
30th Oct 2019

The Two Top Child Custody Questions in CA: Time and Money

family law legal adviceAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we deal with all types of complicated family law issues, including child custody disputes. Conflicts involving who gets to keep and see the kids are often some of the most heated and emotional debates, and understandably our clients have a ton of questions when dealing with these types of issues.
20th Oct 2019

Child Custody Evaluations: Why You Need an Attorney on Your Side

family law attorneyWhen custody disputes arise, the California family law courts often step to help determine custody arrangements. One tool that the courts rely on is a child custody evaluation. Here, court-appointed evaluators assess the situation and conduct a psychological evaluation to form decisions that propritize a child’s well-being.
12th Oct 2019

Filing a Restraining Order in CA: What You Need to Know

family law firmWhen abuse happens in a relationship, the safety of the victim and all other family members is always the biggest priority. In recognition of this, California family law has several mechanisms that are designed to help keep victims safe from their aggressor’s actions. One of these legal mechanisms is a restraining order.
5th Oct 2019

What is Considered Parental Kidnapping?

family law attorneysWhen a parent takes a child away from one parent, especially on a temporary basis, it might not seem like such a huge deal to involved family members. After all, the child is still with one of the parents during this time, right?
Sep 2019
30th Sep 2019

Childless Divorce: How it Works When Kids Aren’t Involved

divorce lawyersThese days, divorce is always a possibility for many couples. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the increased rate of divorce over the years means that people aren’t willing to stay with someone who makes them unhappy. Nonetheless, with an all around 50% divorce rate across the nation, it can pay off to do your homework and understand how the divorce process works in CA.
20th Sep 2019

Parental Interference: What You Need to Know

family law firmWinning a custody battle or coming to a resolution is an important step in helping you and your loved ones move past your divorce. However, this milestone doesn’t always mark the end of all custody disputes. While both parents are legally obligated to follow through with the established agreement, some parents are much less cooperative than others.
10th Sep 2019

Custody Order Violations in CA: Things to Know

family law attorneyAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we spend a lot of time helping our clients through a variety of custody issues. Whether they’re looking to establish a custody plan, want to modify an existing plan, or are dealing with an ex who refuses to follow through on their end of the obligations, we strive to empower them with the information they need and represent them during all stages of their legal proceedings.
5th Sep 2019

Ask a Family Law Attorney: Is Arbitration Right for My Divorce?

family law attorneysAs you prepare for your upcoming divorce in CA, it’s likely that you’ve heard of or even explored alternate dispute resolutions. After all, typical divorce proceedings can be slow and expensive, and sometimes a divorce lends itself to a simplified process.
Feb 2019
22nd Feb 2019

I Received a Divorce Summons, What Are My Options?

family law attorneysIn California, a divorce is usually initiated when one party sends the other party a summons and petition for the divorce process to move forward. The summons provides some details on matters such as what you can and can’t do with your assets, property, etc. and prevents you from leaving the state with your children. This document should be reviewed carefully, as it is imperative that you follow the guidelines established within.
19th Feb 2019

Why You Need an Attorney When Dealing With Surrogacy in CA

Family Law AttorneysMany couples who struggle or are unable to have children can consider a variety of alternative options in California, which includes adoption and surrogacy. The latter option can be particularly appealing, especially for couples who are physically unable to have their own child, carry higher than usual pregnancy risks, or for couples in a same-sex relationship.
10th Feb 2019

Debunking Myths about Prenups

family law firmFor many, prenuptial agreements continue to hold a certain level of taboo or stigma to them. This isn’t all that surprising, especially because most soon-to-be-wed couples are focused on the romantic and happy aspects of marriage. Nonetheless, we at R & S Law Group have seen the importance of prenuptial agreements time and time again, and have decided to focus this discussion on going over common prenup myths.
5th Feb 2019

How Mediation Sets You Up for a Smoother Divorce Process

divorce lawyersThe process of getting a divorce is never a pleasant one, and there’s rarely such a thing as a “positive divorce.” Things get especially stressful and complicated when litigation becomes part of the process, or when disputes are taken to the family law courts in CA. However, there is such a thing as “better divorces,” particularly when exploring your legal options outside of litigation.