May 2021
25th May 2021

Ask a Family Law Attorney: How is Someone Deemed Unfit to be a Parent in CA?

family law attorneysUnfortunately, not every parent is up to the task of caring for their child. A parent may sometimes be unable to provide proper guidance, care, support, and any other basic needs that a child requires. In more severe cases, a parent’s actions or behaviors may directly endanger the health and well-being of a child. 
15th May 2021

Assessing the True Value of Assets During Your California Divorce

divorce attorneysFor many couples in CA, financial disagreements and disputes are a leading cause of divorce. This can make the asset division process rather contentious, and this is usually true even for couples who are separating due to reasons that don’t involve finances. 

To further complicate things, it can be challenging to assess and agree upon the value of the assets themselves. Many people try ro deliberately downplay the value of certain assets, while other times complex tax or finance laws make this valuation inherently challenging and prone to error. 
10th May 2021

A Review of Top Divorce Half-Truths and Myths

divorce lawyersAs things slowly get back to normal in many parts of the country, divorce proceedings will likely continue to charge forward at an increased rate. This is especially true as more and more courts open up. Given this, we at R & S Law Group, LLP decided to take this opportunity to tackle some top divorce myths, half-truths, and downright lies. 
5th May 2021

Custody and Divorce Challenges for Military Families

divorce attorneysMilitary families face a variety of unique challenges. At times, one parent may be away for extended periods of time, leaving the other parent to bear the brunt of the household responsibilities. This can often lead to stress in the marriage, and divorce can even be on the table.
Apr 2021
25th Apr 2021

Leveraging Expert Testimony During Your CA Divorce Proceedings

family law attorneysWhen it comes to legal proceedings within family law, nothing is seemingly off the table. People will take any and all measures to try and ensure an upper hand over their soon-to-be-ex, sometimes to the detriment of their cause. You might be surprised to hear however that leveraging an expert witness during family law court isn’t just a way to turn the tide effectively, but is also routine and not unusual in the slightest. 
17th Apr 2021

Cohabitation in California: Legal Differences Between Married and Unmarried Couples

family law legal adviceMany states have implemented common law marriage, which means that an unmarried couple who cohabitates may be automatically considered a formal marriage under certain circumstances. However, California is not one of those states, and unmarried couples who cohabitate don’t always have the same rights that a married couple might. 
10th Apr 2021

Should You Involve Children in Custody Talks?

family law attorneysWhen you’ve decided that divorce is the next step for you and your spouse, the next few weeks or months are largely informed by your specific circumstances. One of the biggest and most impactful factors centers on whether there are any children in the family. 

Having to hash out custody arrangements with the ex isn’t always easy, and many parents feel even more anxious when they think about how they’re going to share this information with the kids. For today’s post, we’re offering a few tips as to what steps you need to take care of before you broach this subject. We’ll also cover some general tips that can help shape your approach as you prepare to talk to your kids about the divorce and future divorce issues. 
7th Apr 2021

Protecting your Retirement Assets During Your CA Divorce

divorce attorneysAs most people know, planning for retirement is a lengthy and arduous process. When divorce is on the table, the future and uncertainty of your retirement quickly comes into question. Will you get to keep what you’ve world to accumulate or will the family law courts split those assets between you and your ex?
Mar 2021
20th Mar 2021

Is The Child Being Alienated From A Parent? Warning Signs to Consider

family law attorneysDivorce gives many the chance to start over while continuing to foster those relationships that are important to them. However, for some parents, divorce can signal the beginning of future conflicts with the ex, especially when it comes to any involved children.
15th Mar 2021

Ask a Family Law Attorney: A Review of Grandparents’ Rights in CA

family law attorneyFor many, grandparents play an important role in their lives and upbringing. The family law courts in CA recognize this, and it is possible for grandparents to seek certain legal rights when it comes to custody or visitation rights.
10th Mar 2021

The Dangers of Representing Yourself in a California Family Law Case

Family Law AttorneysDivorce happens for a variety of reasons: incompatibility, infidelity, financial hardships, health issues, and more. Regardless of the reasons behind your divorce, don’t assume you can represent yourself in court. We’ve seen it time and time again, someone who expects a straightforward procedure ends up facing off against a very well-prepared ex with an aggressive lawyer on their side. 
6th Mar 2021

Signs or Evidence of Emotional Abuse Can Impact Custody Disputes in CA

family law legal adviceParents are passionate when it comes to their children, and it is understandable that divorcing parents may not always see eye to eye on decisions involving the kids. Unfortunately, not every parent is willing or able to prioritize the well-being of their children and disputes aren’t always so clear-cut. 
Feb 2021
25th Feb 2021

Custody Disputes in CA: A 2021 Refresher on Major Mistakes to Avoid

family law attorneyDespite an initial period where courts adjusted, many family law courts are now finding ways to operate in the middle of a pandemic. In addition, an uptick in vaccine production and percentage of vaccinated populations means that things are slated to go back to normal in a matter of months. For many people, this means that custody disputes will move forward firing on all cylinders.
18th Feb 2021

Domestic Violence Convictions Impact Gun Ownership in California

family law legal adviceIn CA, the law has placed restrictions on those convicted of domestic violence as a standard practice. For example, one’s Second Amendment rights were instantly stripped for ten years, barring a convicted individual from legally possessing a firearm. 
10th Feb 2021

An Early Look at Divorce Data During the Pandemic

family lawMany have speculated what the effect of major events such as pandemics can have on divorce rates. Now that we’re well over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s some early data that can help validate theories that have been floated around.
3rd Feb 2021

Cohabitation During the Separation Process: How to Prepare for Divorce

divorce lawyersMany people prefer to move away from their partner as soon as the decision to get divorced is made. Most relationships are officially over once either person openly expresses their desire to get a divorce, as this is often something people think about for a long time. 
Jan 2021
26th Jan 2021

Can I Ask the Judge for Drug Screening During My Custody Case?

family law attorneysSubstance abuse continues to be a widespread problem across the country. The pandemic has only worsened this problem, with many states reporting increased drug and substance abuse. The reality for many children is that they are routinely exposed to drug or substance abuse. 
16th Jan 2021

Custody Disputes and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Family Law AttorneysOver a year later and the pandemic continues to impact every facet of most people’s lives. However, the vaccine rollout has been ramping up and many medical experts are hopeful that things are on the right track.

WIth that said, vaccines have proven to be a controversial topic, and divorced parents don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to vaccines, let alone a new vaccine that was approved just last year. We’ve dealt with cases where vaccines or other medical issues are a point of contention in custody cases, which is what inspired us to write this post. 
10th Jan 2021

Invalidating a Prenuptial Agreement: What Are My Options?

family law legal advicePrenups are a popular option for many couples these days, especially when lots of assets are involved. They can be a great way to establish a legal safety net that provides peace of mind and despite their reputation, can actually foster a deeper trust among partners. 

However, prenups are not perfect and they can be used to disadvantage one of the partners. While prenups aren’t legally binding until both sides have signed it, family law recognizes the potential for abuse. Usually, individual parties have 7 days to surface any potential issues that could invalidate the prenup. 
2nd Jan 2021

My Ex is Against Our Moving Away: What Can I Do?

divorce lawyersAfter divorce, many people are looking to reset their lives. These changes can often involve a move to another city or state for job opportunities, to be closer to relatives, and more. Moving isn’t easy however, especially when custody is shared or the other parent is protesting the move. 
Dec 2020
30th Dec 2020

Keeping Your Family Safe From COVID-19

Family Law AttorneysFor today’s blog post, we’ve decided to pivot briefly to talking about safety during COVID-19. With the rising number of cases across the country and continued unchecked holiday gatherings, hospitals and ICUs are starting to feel the strain. With end-of-year celebrations right around the corner, these numbers are likely to continue surging. 
20th Dec 2020

How Does a Grandparent Seek Visitation in California?

Family Law AttorneysWhen it comes to child custody, people usually only think of parental visitation rights, but what about grandparents’ rights to visit their grandchild(ren) following a custody decision? Do they have legal rights as well? 
17th Dec 2020

Is There a “Season” of Divorce? A Look at the Stats

divorce lawyersPeople often talk about divorce as this seasonal phenomenon, and we’ve heard a lot of “facts” on this. Mostly, people focus their attention towards the beginning and the end of the year, claiming that these months are part of the “divorce season.”
7th Dec 2020

Your Divorce and Your Privacy: Steps to Help Mitigate Gossip at Work

divorce lawyersHaving your dirty laundry out for others to see can be embarrassing in business and personal settings. As far as privacy goes, divorce is often at the top of the list of things people would prefer remain private.