Common Divorce Mistakes and Oversights to Avoid

divorce attorneysAfter years of helping clients work through many divorce and family law matters in CA, we’ve seen it all. One of the most valuable pieces of wisdom and experience often come from the things people do wrong, as opposed to what they are doing correctly. 

Divorce is an emotional and turbulent time, so it is perhaps no surprise to consider that people are prone to making misguided or incorrect decisions. For today’s post, we’re offering a cumulative but brief overview of the most common mistakes to look out for.


Relying on the Courts to Help Settle Interpersonal Matters


Given how strong emotions can run during divorce proceedings, it isn’t uncommon to see people try and further their arguments via formal court proceedings. Be forewarned however that the courts are time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, if the family law courts suspect that you are acting out of spite or to get revenge, they are more likely to favor the ex in matters such as custody disputes and other disagreements.


No Clear Goal or Focus 


Divorce usually has a clear goal – the termination of a marriage. However, the specifics of the outcome, such as your preferred resolution in matters relating to custody, can vary significantly. You need to focus your efforts on reaching that ideal goal or focus. While divorce can be overwhelming, not taking time to see the big picture and approaching the divorce without a clear goal can set you at a major disadvantage. 


Not Taking Control of Your Emotions and Letting Them Decide For You


It is normal to experience and feel overwhelmed by strong emotions before, during, and after your divorce. As for court and legal proceedings however, we cannot emphasize the importance of ensuring that you’re acting with a cool head. Take time if you need and consult with others who might be able to offer a more objective perspective as required. Considering what’s at stake, letting your emotions run the show could have far-reaching and lasting effects.


Proceeding Without the Assistance of a Family Law Attorney


This is by far one of the most common mistakes we see. For any family law matter in CA, it is essential that you always have your own legal counsel, even in cases where you and the soon-to-be-ex are on good terms! Even in these ideal best case scenario separations, the smallest disagreement could turn into a major conflict. If you don’t have your own attorney, you put yourself and your interests at a disadvantage by default.

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