Divorce and the Workplace: Can I Get In Trouble?

divorce lawyersWhen someone is navigating a divorce, one common question that comes to mind is: should I tell my employer about what’s going on? This might seem like an odd question, but nowadays lines are blurred and privacy is hard to maintain. Many people are worried that their employer could be crawling through social media, or snooping in general which could open them up to retaliation, and rightfully so. Teachers for example have been the subject of much scrutiny for doing something as simple as uploading a picture with a red plastic cup and it can be hard to predict how your employer might react to divorce.

Today, we’re discussing whether your divorce can impact you at work, as well as whether your employer can act based on the fact that you’re going through divorce proceedings.

Divorce and Other Personal Decisions Cannot Be Used Against You

Divorce should not impact you at work, but the reality is that things are more complicated than that. But from a legal perspective, a divorce alone does not merit any form of retaliation such as termination all on its own. This also applies to other personal decisions such as whether someone has children, was recently married, and more. 

Ways in Which Divorce Can Impact You at Work

While you are protected from being fired simply for getting a divorce, you have to be careful about whether any of the fallout impacts you at work. Employers are allowed to make legitimate business decisions and if they believe you to be a liability due to the way in which your divorce is impacting your work, they could take justified action. 

This can include things such as work performance issues, or interpersonal issues at work where you are unable to keep the drama away from others. Another example could include increased absences due to court appointments and other divorce-related obligations. Even if these absences are justified and you have no say over them, your employer could re-assess and determine that you are no longer a good fit based on your attendance record. 

Consult With an Experienced Divorce Attorney in California

It can be tricky to keep any impact from your divorce fully out of the workplace. With the dominance of social media and a world that is interconnected more than ever, the risks of your divorce affecting your work are higher than ever. 

Keep this information in mind as you navigate your CA divorce. For more information, and to schedule a free consultation with a seasoned family law attorney, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (949) 825-5245. Our trusted attorneys at R & S Law Group, LLP are standing by to help you navigate any type of family law matter in CA.