Do Your Research: Tips For Finding a Trusted CA Divorce Attorney

divorce attorneysThese days, doing things on your own by following a step-by-step video tutorial is all the rage. This approach however doesn’t quite translate to family law so easily. 

With such huge stakes at play, it’s important to ensure that everything settles in a way that works for you and your loved ones. From custody issues to alimony or asset division, there are many sensitive and impacting matters that the family law courts have to determine. You need your own legal counsel, especially if the ex isn’t willing to work with you and has his/her own legal representation.

To help with this, we’ve drafted a set of pointers and strategies that can help you find a reliable attorney. You need someone who is as invested in your case as you are, particularly because you’ll be stuck with the outcome for the long term.

Browse the Law Firm’s Website

Take a close look at a law firm’s website: the very layout, the way things are organized, etc. are all important clues to point at an effective and detail-oriented legal team. A good law firm website should clearly denote the areas of practice, and allow you to zip to any relevant info you need easily and with little confusion. Scan any articles, blog posts, and general website copy to get an idea of how knowledgeable or well-organized the law firm at large is. 

Ask Questions Relating to Your Goals and Their Expertise

Once you take the time to meet with an attorney, make sure you ask good questions relating to your specific goals. Assess whether a prospective attorney is able to tie his or her expertise to your case as well as your desired outcomes. Don’t be shy about asking to learn more about their previous accomplishments, awards, and other relevant career highlights.

Schedule a No-Risk Initial Appointment with a CA Divorce Attorney

Finally, look for law firms that offer free, no-risk initial consultations. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that the law firm/attorney is the right match for you in an environment that allows you to paint a complete picture. Any reputable family law attorney will offer these consultations as they understand their importance for potential clients who are facing uncertainty and other challenges relating to divorce. 

At R & S Law Group, LLP, we always take the time to learn about every client’s needs, at no expense to them. You can schedule a free initial consultation with our team of family law attorneys, simply call us at (949) 825-5245 to learn more about how we can help with your divorce and family law issues in CA.