Tips for Moving Your Career Prospects Forward After the Divorce

divorce lawyersA divorce changes more than your family life. Such a major upheaval can also affect things like your career growth and financial stability. Today, we thought we’d switch gears a bit and focus on tips that can help you keep your career on track even during and after your divorce proceedings. 

Remember, if you’d like personalized advice from our experts, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to schedule a free initial consultation. For now, here’s a few tips that can help you keep momentum in your career prospects no matter where you might be in your divorce proceedings. 

Assess Your Strengths and Refocus Priorities as Needed

First and foremost, regroup and focus on where you are in your career vs where you want to be. It can be difficult to focus on this with the chaos of divorce all around you, but it’s important to maintain a goal-focused mindset. Once you’ve had a chance to figure out your strengths and current skills, it becomes easier to map out small but concrete steps you need to take,.

Build and Establish Skills

Having assessed where you currently are, what do you need to get the next level, or perhaps to an entirely different industry if you’re looking to pivot? Whether this involves online self-study, enrolling in a course or two at the local community college, or seeking specific certifications, you want to lay out a roadmap that lets you visualize the path clearly. With the challenges of divorce, this roadmap may not be as quick or efficient as you’d like but ultimately the only thing that matters is gradual progress. Go at your own pace as required but just be sure to always make progress and move forward where you can.

Grow Your Personal and Professional Network

Despite rampant cynicism these days, there’s one universal truth that applies everywhere: people want to help others that they like. After being married for a long time or even a few years, you might find yourself with a small increasingly shrinking network. After the divorce, it isn’t uncommon for networks to “split,” which means you’ll further lose connections as part of the separation process. Make sure to put in effort towards meeting others both in a personal and a professional capacity. 

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