How to Navigate A Name Change After Your California Divorce

divorce lawyersThere’s lots of aspects to consider when you prepare for and go through with a divorce in California. Some of the more pressing matters usually involve things like child custody disputes and determining who gets to keep what assets/property after the divorce. However, there are also lots of smaller but equally vital details to consider. For many women, one of these details centers on whether they should keep or change their married name, and whether any of the children should undergo a name change.

A Person Can Opt to Keep or Change Their Name

In many marriages across the states, many women choose to take their husband’s last name as their own. That said, a couple can opt to either keep their original names, or have either party take the other’s name as preferred. 

Likewise, California family law takes a similarly flexible approach to an individual’s name after their divorce. For many people, their name is an important part of who they are. For others, they may have a variety of personal, business, or legal reasons to keep their married name. In these instances, a person is free to continue operating with the same legal name. 

Process for Changing a Child’s Name After Parents Divorce

What about when one is trying to change or modify a child’s name post-divorce? Things are not as loose here. This request has to be formally submitted to the family law courts, and in most cases the other parent must be onboard before this can be approved. In addition, the family law courts do vet these requests to ensure that the change is in the best interest of the child. 

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