Guardianship Attorney Orange County


In those cases where parents have died or are unable to care for and arise their child, relatives and friends often step up to the plate and take on the responsibilities of raising the child. This is a process that needs to be established legally as a guardianship in order for there to be legal recognition of the caretakers as guardians.

It is critical to be recognized as a child’s legal guardian when acting as a caretaker, as it allows you to legally:

  • Add the child to medical coverage
  • Make decisions regarding a child’s well-being
  • Enroll the child in educational institutions
  • Become eligible for state/federal financial assistance

There are instances where someone might object to the guardianship, which could route the case to the family law courts. In addition, the process of establishing and/or objecting to a guardianship is highly complex and involves red tape in the form of documentation, background checks, questionnaires, schedules visits to your home, and more. Though lengthy and frustrating, this process is meant to ensure that the guardianship is a good fit for, and in the interest of, the child.

At R & S Law Group, our dedicated attorneys are detail-oriented and use their in-depth knowledge of guardianship law and procedures to represent their clients in family law courts and guide them through the process of establishing guardianship. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with tedious red tape, whether you are looking to establish guardianship, want to object to an attempt to establish guardianship, or simply have questions about guardianship laws and processes in California.

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