How Internet-Connected Devices Could Impact Your CA Divorce

family law attorneysIn recent years, tons of common household devices have been upgraded with fancy Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities that allow homeowners tons of modern conveniences. These include being able to lock and unlock doors remotely, set AC and heating schedules and adjust them without touching the thermostat, manage household groceries and other chores, use a doorbell and other appliances for surveillance, and so much more.


As great as these gadgets can be, they also introduce many novel risks and challenges. Experts speak of security threats and the risk of hackers stealing sensitive information, which is certainly a real risk. However, they don’t always spend much time talking about how these devices could complicate a divorce or give one spouse the ability to harass or intimidate the other.


Today we’re looking at a few examples of how these devices could place you and your loved ones at risk during family law proceedings, an ongoing divorce, and more. 


Tracking information and location history risks. All of your smart devices are likely tracking your location. Remember that this can often be accessed by other users, especially if they have your logins or are linked to your accounts as family members. This can allow an ex to continue to spy on you extensively based on just this online activity. 


Risks associated with unsecured devices. A lot of home appliances such as lights, thermostats, cameras, and even door locks can be accessed and controlled remotely. Change passwords and reset logins immediately as needed, and if you want to play it extra safe, opt for standard appliances rather than smart ones.


Sensitive photographs, important files, and other materials in the cloud. If you’re storing any personal files or sensitive photographs online in cloud storage, make sure the ex no longer has access to any potentially shared accounts. It is recommended that you reset all main passwords as a safety precaution anyways, in case the ex knew any passwords with or without your permission.


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These are a few ways in which technology can come back to haunt you during any divorce proceedings, child custody hearings, or any other family law disputes. As the number of online-enabled devices grow, they bring unintended consequences that can impact more than just your information and financial security. 


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