Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys In Orange County, CA


Many find the idea of a prenuptial agreement as unappealing and un-romantic. Despite this popular notion, the truth is that couples who talk about finances are couples who approach things in a logical and calm manner. Not only that, but it is always easier to discuss finances with a partner now rather than when they become an ex-partner.

At R & S Law Group, APC, our qualified attorneys are here to assist you draft a prenuptial agreement and go over any concerns that you might have. We’ve helped countless individuals navigate a variety of prenuptial agreement issues in Orange County, CA, and are able to offer the legal expertise that you need.

Do I Need A Prenuptial Agreement?

There are many reasons for drafting a prenuptial agreement. Individuals who are marrying later in life, those who already have children from a previous relationship, individuals who possess a large amount of wealth, and those entering second marriage have much to benefit from a well-developed and strategic prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements offer predictability, protection, and a sense of stability when you’re looking to take that next step with someone. It gives both parties peace of mind knowing that any potential thorny financial issues have been addressed as you move forward with each other.

We also offer services to those looking to draft post-marital agreements. Post-marital agreements (also known as postnups) allow couples who are already married to sort out these arrangements after the fact. There are many times when couples find California divorce laws to be unfavorable in their case, and thus they chose to structure their own settlement on their own terms.

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