Summer Tips for Co-Parenting Effectively

child custody lawyersFor newly-divorced parents, adjusting to the new parenting schedule is a major adjustment. If this shift happens during the middle of the school year, the structure in place can help keep things a little more manageable. But what about summer, when kids are out of school for an extended period of time? 

As a single parent who may be working with an uncooperative ex, it can be difficult to ensure that your child has the support he/she needs over the summer. For today’s post, we’re looking at a few tips that can help make your co-parenting efforts that much easier for all involved parties. 

Set a Solid Schedule and Adhere to the Plan

First, you need to establish a roadmap that you and the other parent can follow. When sharing custody with the other parent, you’ll need to work out what the summer schedule will look like for both households. Do you want to go on vacation with the kids this year? Or perhaps you’ll be tied up and find it best that they spend more time with the other parent during the summer. 

Whatever the case may be, work with the other parent to find an arrangement that works for everyone. Once something in set in stone, be sure to adhere to it.

Be Willing to Extend Flexibility 

On the other hand, summer schedules do need to account for some flexibility due to the nature of the season. While it’s important to stick to the schedule, occasional deviations that benefit everyone should be considered when necessary. If either of you needs to spend more or less time with the children, be open with the other parent and extend them the same flexibility you’d like to see from their end.

Always Focus on the Child’s Best Interests

As you work to finalize a summer schedule, remember that the child’s needs and best interests should be the most important factor in every decision you make. Think about things such as access to school, healthcare, and arrangements that help promote a regular schedule that allows for bonding with both parents. Even if the ex is being uncooperative or acting in bad faith, do your best to rise above it for the sake of the children. 

Talk to a Family Law Attorney

These are some general tips that can help tame the chaos of summer parenting plans. Remember, if you’re looking for tailored guidance from a qualified professional, or if you’re navigating any type of related family law matter in CA, our team is here to help!

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