The Dangers of Representing Yourself in a California Family Law Case

Family Law AttorneysDivorce happens for a variety of reasons: incompatibility, infidelity, financial hardships, health issues, and more. Regardless of the reasons behind your divorce, don’t assume you can represent yourself in court. We’ve seen it time and time again, someone who expects a straightforward procedure ends up facing off against a very well-prepared ex with an aggressive lawyer on their side. 

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Custody Disputes in CA: A 2021 Refresher on Major Mistakes to Avoid

family law attorneyDespite an initial period where courts adjusted, many family law courts are now finding ways to operate in the middle of a pandemic. In addition, an uptick in vaccine production and percentage of vaccinated populations means that things are slated to go back to normal in a matter of months. For many people, this means that custody disputes will move forward firing on all cylinders.

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