Leveraging Expert Testimony During Your CA Divorce Proceedings

family law attorneysWhen it comes to legal proceedings within family law, nothing is seemingly off the table. People will take any and all measures to try and ensure an upper hand over their soon-to-be-ex, sometimes to the detriment of their cause. You might be surprised to hear however that leveraging an expert witness during family law court isn’t just a way to turn the tide effectively, but is also routine and not unusual in the slightest. 

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Should You Involve Children in Custody Talks?

family law attorneysWhen you’ve decided that divorce is the next step for you and your spouse, the next few weeks or months are largely informed by your specific circumstances. One of the biggest and most impactful factors centers on whether there are any children in the family. 

Having to hash out custody arrangements with the ex isn’t always easy, and many parents feel even more anxious when they think about how they’re going to share this information with the kids. For today’s post, we’re offering a few tips as to what steps you need to take care of before you broach this subject. We’ll also cover some general tips that can help shape your approach as you prepare to talk to your kids about the divorce and future divorce issues. 

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