How Internet-Connected Devices Could Impact Your CA Divorce

family law attorneysIn recent years, tons of common household devices have been upgraded with fancy Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities that allow homeowners tons of modern conveniences. These include being able to lock and unlock doors remotely, set AC and heating schedules and adjust them without touching the thermostat, manage household groceries and other chores, use a doorbell and other appliances for surveillance, and so much more.

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Preparing to File a Financial Order in CA

Family Law AttorneysIn CA, it’s possible for both ex-spouses to request a variety of orders or requests. Individuals can file multiple orders at once, and there are little or no limitations as to how many orders they can submit. However, an order isn’t automatically granted; the family law courts must assess the order and ensure it is valid and fair to all involved parties.

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Summer Tips for Co-Parenting Effectively

child custody lawyersFor newly-divorced parents, adjusting to the new parenting schedule is a major adjustment. If this shift happens during the middle of the school year, the structure in place can help keep things a little more manageable. But what about summer, when kids are out of school for an extended period of time? 

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Key Pillars of Child Custody Law to Know in California

family law attorneysAs children are often unable to advocate for themselves and are some of the most vulnerable groups in society, custody law in CA tries to account for this and ensure their safety above all. In the midst of a heated custody battle however, it can be easy for parents to lose sight of this as they focus on their feud. 

Prep yourself with the knowledge that you need for your upcoming custody issues in CA. Today’s post is a look at the three most important pillars that CA custody law adheres to and is centered around.

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