Re-negotiating a Custody Agreement: What Are My Options?

family law attorneyGetting to a finalized, concrete custody agreement can be an arduous process. It often involves months of back-and-forth between parties, lengthy legal proceedings, and emotionally-charged disputes or arguments when parents don’t see eye-to-eye. Once the dust finally settles, the family law courts hope that the established plan promotes the health, well-being, and interests of the child as well as the parents. 

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Are Your Children Using Social Media Safely and Responsibly?

family law attorneysSocial media in all its forms is here to stay: whether you’re using Facebook, sharing clips via Snapchat, showing off your latest escapades in Instagram, or getting lost in TikTok. There’s nearly 4 billion users across the globe and for most people in California, this includes their children. 

There’s lots of great and interesting content on these sites, and they are a great way to stay connected with others. However, there are also lots of threats and dangers lurking online. More than ever, it’s critical that your children understand how to stay safe on the internet. Likewise, they need to ensure they don’t do anything to avoid negative attention. After all, their behavior online and offline is regarded as a reflection of your parenting abilities, especially when it comes to the family law courts in CA.

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Therapy Can be Invaluable in Helping You Navigate Your California Divorce

divorce lawyersDivorce is not easy: this isn’t exactly a surprise or revelation. The psychological and emotional impact of divorce can often be devastating for all involved parties, including yourself, your children, and other members of your household as well as relatives.

There’s many ways in which people cope with such trying times; some of these coping strategies are more beneficial than others. Today’s post is a look at therapy and how it can be used as an effective tool to help you navigate your divorce. We’ll also discuss whether the fact that you’re in therapy could be used against you in any way, perhaps by the ex or by family law court officials during legal proceedings. 

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