Questions To Ask Yourself Before You File a Restraining Order in CA

family law attorneysAbuse in the family home can often spiral out of control. Domestic violence and abuse are often major contributors to divorce, and can threaten the safety and well-being of the entire household. In CA, there are tools that victims can rely on to try and stay safe from the threat of harm or continued abuse. One of these primary tools is what is known as a restraining order. 

Restraining orders are serious matters, and can include a variety of conditions and stipulations. For example, someone who has a restraining order placed against them might be barred from approaching the victim, owning guns, could force them to move residence, and more. 

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Ask a Divorce Attorney: How NOT To Prolong Your CA Divorce

divorce lawyersMost of the time, resolving a divorce as expediently as possible is to everyone’s benefit. There are less costs involved, less potential for emotional fall out and drama, and it allows everyone to move on with the next chapter of their lives. 

At R & S Law Group, LLP, we understand how important it is for a California divorce to move forward as smoothly as possible, and leverage our expertise to help our clients with divorce matters of any kind. For today’s post, we’re sharing tips to keep in mind as you seek to keep your divorce proceedings as short as possible. 

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Making the Most Out of Your Post-Divorce Life

divorce lawyersThe prospect of life after your divorce might have you excited or hopeful, but these feelings are also often mixed with a sense of anxiety and uncertainty. Divorce is a life-changing event after all, one which can be difficult to process emotionally. To highlight this point, many studies identified shown an increased risk of depression or depression-like symptoms.

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Tips For Keeping Child Exchanges and Drop Offs Effective and Conflict-Free

family law legal adviceMany people dread the visitation exchanges and other points of dropping off and picking up the kids at the ex’s. Not everyone can maintain a cool head and things can quickly escalate to a conflict if one person lets his or her temper get the best of them. 

For today’s post, we’re offering a few tips that can help keep your child exchanges smooth, civil, and efficient. For more info or for tailored legal advice, remember that we at R & S Law Group, LLP are here to help. 

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