A Breakdown of the Legal Requirements for Prenuptial Agreements

family law attorneysConsidered “taboo” for a long time, the stigma around prenuptial agreements has slowly decreased over the years. These days, many are waiting until later to get married, and individuals often bring a complex set of assets and liabilities to the table. In cases where both parties communicate openly and wish to keep their financial independence from one another, prenuptial agreements can be a great tool.

At the R&S Law Group, LLP, people often ask us about how they can establish a prenuptial agreement easily and quickly. This inspired us to write up this blog post, which describes the legal requirements that you need to account for when looking to establish a prenuptial agreement in California. That said, do keep in mind that this is general information and not legal advice. To learn more about how one of our reputable family law attorneys can help you establish a prenuptial agreement in California, do not hesitate to contact us directly to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Potential Complications that Could Arise During Surrogacy

Family Law AttorneysWhen couples are having trouble conceiving, they often explore alternative options such as fertility treatments and surrogate pregnancies. Fertility treatments are not always successful however, which makes surrogacy a popular (but complex) option.

The prospect of having a child via a surrogate pregnancy is exciting, but all involved parties need to understand the complicated nature of this process and ensure that they are approaching this arrangement in good faith. There are many variables at play, which opens up the possibility of complications and conflict.

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