Mental Health Assessment and Custody

family law legal adviceMany people in the U. S. struggle with mental health issues, and the pandemic has only worsened the outlook. Recent estimates place adults struggling with mental health issues at around 1 in 5, whether this involves depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and more. Despite these struggles, many adults are still able to function and parent effectively. 

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Excessive and Unreasonable Spending During a CA Divorce

divorce lawyersThe asset division process of a divorce is meant to help split assets in a way that is equitable. Complicated assets, disputed ownership, and other conflicts can complicate the process, but these are all common scenarios that family law courts are equipped to work through. 

However, what if one person has decided to blow as much of the marital wealth as possible in preparation for divorce? This could have a notable impact on the other person’s assets and wealth during asset division. Fortunately, the courts can also scrutinize this and adjust as needed, but only if they assess the situation and deem the expenses to be unreasonable or excessive. 

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Custody Agreement Violations Range in Severity

family law attorneyCustody agreements are generally set in stone and parents are expected to follow them diligently, whether both parents came to a mutual agreement or whether the family law courts handed down the arrangement. Things happen however, and minor deviations are often overlooked when both parents are working together in good faith. 

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