True Duration of Alimony and the Supposed “10 Year Rule” in CA

family law attorneysWhen we think of divorce and family law in CA, alimony and spousal support are often at the forefront of people’s minds. It isn’t uncommon for the topic to pop up during casual chats about divorce, and people are quick to spread half-truths and gossip. This isn’t too surprising, considering the impact that alimony can have on anyone’s long-term financial health and planning. 

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Divorce and the Workplace: Can I Get In Trouble?

divorce lawyersWhen someone is navigating a divorce, one common question that comes to mind is: should I tell my employer about what’s going on? This might seem like an odd question, but nowadays lines are blurred and privacy is hard to maintain. Many people are worried that their employer could be crawling through social media, or snooping in general which could open them up to retaliation, and rightfully so. Teachers for example have been the subject of much scrutiny for doing something as simple as uploading a picture with a red plastic cup and it can be hard to predict how your employer might react to divorce.

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Marriage and Divorce Stats in CA and the US

family lawToday, we want to change things up a bit by looking at a few recent different divorce facts and statistics. While the pandemic and other global challenges have impacted divorce states to some degree, many trends have been constant for over 40 years and going. In some cases, these trends actually go against conventional wisdom or popular assumptions about divorce

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