Are you Thinking of Filing for Divorce? Ask Yourself These Questions First

divorce lawyersThough divorce is a common occurrence in the U.S., it is by no means simple or easy. We always implore our clients to explore alternate solutions before moving forward with a divorce, especially if the proceedings are likely to be contentious affairs.

This is why we have drafted this quick checklist of questions to go over before proceeding with a divorce. Consider yours answer at length and as always, know that you can reach out to us at R & S Law Group, LLP directly if you would like for one of our legal experts to weigh in on your situation and provide qualified advice.

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Dealing with an Uncooperative Co-Parent? Tips for Maintaining a Cool Head

divorce attorneysAs if divorce proceedings weren’t difficult enough, many parents have to deal with an uncooperative ex-partner once the divorce has been finalized and all child custody/visitation arrangements have been established. This can be infuriating, especially when it becomes a regular occurrence, and many parents are understandably thrown into a fit of rage when their ex once again fails to keep his/her end of the bargain or willfully defies previously-established arrangements.

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Divorce and Asset Division: How Cryptocurrency Complicates Matters

divorce attorneysAsset division is always a tricky aspect of divorce, especially when neither party is willing to work with one another. After all, it is in each individual’s interests to move quickly and formulate strategies that will help them avoid the “short end of the stick.” These strategies could involve something as simple as recruiting the assistance of qualified legal counsel, or shadier tactics like deliberately concealing or hiding assets.

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