Adopting as a Single Person in CA: What to Know

divorce attorneysWhen people think of adoptions, they think of parents looking to provide a home for a child in their shared household. They don’t often picture single people adopting but lately, more and more single people have been taking upon this responsibility. Recent data shows that annually, around 15,000 single women and 2,000 single men adopt a child in the United States.

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School Choice Disagreements and Litigation: What Factors are at Play?

divorce attorneysDivorced parents often butt heads over many topics, and school choice is no exception to this. After all, where your child goes to school is a major life decision that impacts everyone involved. 

You might not hear this topic much in dramatic court TV shows or movies, but school choice often leads to major disputes in family law proceedings. For today’s post, we’re looking at the ways which parents can approach this conflict, and going over the factors that the courts consider when they have to step in with a decision on school choice.

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Dealing with a Narcissist during Divorce

divorce lawyersThese days, the word narcissist is tossed around without caution. But just because the word is overused doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of people with narcissistic tendencies out there. This manifests itself in traits such as arrogance, manipulative behaviors, and more. 

Can people help being a narcissist, or is this something that is part of their nature? While this ages-long question might never be answered, people still have to deal with narcissists. Being married to one can be truly enraging and stress-inducing, so you can only imagine how divorcing them might play out. 

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