Jul 2019
17th Jul 2019

Fighting False Allegations in the Courtroom

family law attorneysFamily law cases can bring the worst out of people, and many aren’t above making false allegations of child abuse against previous partners. Consider how easy it is to make a false allegation: all a person has to do is to lie under oath in order to send the other person’s life into a downward spiral. However, an experienced family law attorney can help you fend off false allegations and ensure that your rights are preserved.
10th Jul 2019

The Ex Claimed My Child On Their Tax Return, What Now?

divorce attorneysAfter a divorce is finalized, tax returns can pose an unexpected challenge when dependants are part of the picture. To put it bluntly: who gets to reap the tax benefits of claiming the child on his/her tax return? The IRS is clear on one thing: only one parent can claim the child during any given tax year.
3rd Jul 2019

Getting Divorce Documents in Order: What Do I Need in CA?

divorce lawyersFiling for divorce, or being on the receiving end for that matter, sets off a complicated legal process that might feel overwhelming. What paperwork are you expected to dig up and are there any special forms you need to get from the courts?
Jun 2019
27th Jun 2019

Is a Destination Divorce a Good Idea?

divorce attorneysThese days, destination divorces are more popular than ever before. Mixing pleasure with what is otherwise an emotionally trying time might seem like an odd match-up, but the popularity of these services suggests otherwise.
16th Jun 2019

Parental Alienation: What are the Warning Signs?

divorce attorneysPeople expect relief once the dust settles on their divorce, and this is often the case for many of our clients. However, a formal end to the legal dispute doesn’t always mean the end of conflict, especially when children are involved.
10th Jun 2019

Dealing with a Spouse’s Addiction

family law lawyersAddictions come in many forms and can center on drugs, gambling, shopping, sex, and more. When a person’s spouse is struggling with an addiction, this can have devastating effects on every member of the family. This can especially difficult for the addict’s partner, as they often feel responsible for caring for their loved one and preserving the family cohesiveness.
5th Jun 2019

Discussions When Divorce is on the Table: Topics to Avoid

divorce lawyersAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we often advocate for working with the other party during divorce proceedings in order to come up with mutually-beneficial agreements. However, this doesn’t mean that you should approach the soon-to-be-ex and run your mouth without giving it much thought. The reason for this is that, for all intents and purposes, divorce proceedings are no different than business negotiations. Even when things are amicable, you should take care to watch what you say.
May 2019
28th May 2019

Social Media Can and Will Be Used Against You in a CA Divorce Court

family law legal adviceEveryone is on social media, from the friendly neighbor to upcoming presidential candidates and more. While social media makes it easy for all of us to stay connected, it also creates an unprecedented level of visibility. It’s not hard to snoop around or track down people’s posts even when they’re set to private, especially if the spying is done through a person on the approved friend list.
15th May 2019

Reviewing the Components of Divorce Proceedings in California

divorce attorneysToday, we thought it would be helpful if we offered a brief “crash course” of what divorce proceedings consist of in California. There are multiple steps to the typically lengthy divorce proceeding, all designed to address the following: child custody/visitation arrangements, child support arrangements, property division, and spousal support.
10th May 2019

Are Verbal Agreements Recognized by the California Family Law Courts?

family law attorneysAt R & S Law Group, we get this question a lot: are verbal agreements considered legally valid? Many couples address the possibility of divorce long before it happens, and it isn’t uncommon for them to establish potential divorce agreements. The thing is, most of these discussions occur in person and very few couples set out to establish a prenup or other type of legal agreement beforehand.
5th May 2019

Corresponding with the Ex: What You Say Over Text or Email Matters

family law lawyersFamily law matters are always emotionally-charged, and tempers can get the best of anyone. To err is human, but impressions are key when you’re dealing with contested matters involving divorce, child custody, etc. This is why, today, we want to remind everyone that what you say over text, email, the internet, or any other form of communication matters in every type of family law case in CA. 
Apr 2019
30th Apr 2019

Studies Find Most Children of Divorced Parents Don’t “Pay the Price”

family law attorneysIt’s a common sentiment across the country: staying together is good for the well-being and development of the kids. For decades, divorced parents have been scorned and children of divorce couples judged as “damaged” or “troubled.” These fears are so common that many unhappy couples will tough it out for the kids and remain in an unhappy marriage.
20th Apr 2019

Does the Exact Date of Separation Impact Divorce Proceedings in CA?

family law firmAs plenty of our clients have experienced, marriages don’t always end in a clean-cut divorce and every step of the process could be rife with conflict. There are times where even the exact date of separation becomes a hotly-contested issue, with neither party unable to agree to the exact date of the official separation.
10th Apr 2019

Interstate Issues in Child Custody Disputes

child custody lawyersCustody disputes are complicated enough within the same state. Add having to cross state lines to the mix and these types of disputes can become lengthy and drawn out. At R & S Law Group, LLP, we get asked about this type of situation a lot. This is particularly true these days as people are more willing than ever to relocate for job opportunities, etc.
5th Apr 2019

Is it Possible to Reopen or Dispute a Divorce Settlement in California?

divorce lawyersAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we strive for outcomes that align with our clients’ interests. Once a divorce is settled, many parties in California are more than happy with the arrangements and are now free to move on with their lives.
Mar 2019
26th Mar 2019

Divorce and Cryptocurrency in CA

divorce attorneys

With all the buzz around Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency, people have begun to dip their toes into this new world of digital currency, and many with the means to do so have invested heavily. There is nothing wrong with this on its own, and buying/selling cryptocurrency is perfectly legal in the U. S. However, this type of currency can seriously complicate divorce proceedings, especially because the technology is so new and family laws haven’t necessarily caught up yet.
18th Mar 2019

Older Couples and Divorce: Additional Challenges to Consider

While divorce is never easy for anyone, older couples have an additional set of challenges that they need to account for. These days, divorce amongst older Americans is on the rise, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to cover this topic in this week’s blog post.
10th Mar 2019

Choosing a California Family Law Attorney: Why Accessibility Matters

family law legal adviceAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we understand that choosing an attorney can be a difficult endeavor. There’s several factors to consider, including the attorney’s reputation, the track record of the law firm, and more. One aspect that many people overlook however is accessibility.

For this post, we want to highlight how an accessible and attentive attorney can make a difference in your California divorce, particularly in contrast to less attentive lawyers. After all, you don’t want to end up with a lawyer who is always busy or has trouble giving you and your case the time of day.
5th Mar 2019

Should I “Strike First” and File For Divorce Before My Spouse Does?

divorce lawyersAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we get all sorts of questions about every aspect of divorce, questions spanning from when papers are first filed up to after all arrangements have been finalized. For this post, we’re looking at the first steps in a California divorce in order to answer the following question: are there any benefits to “striking first” and filing for divorce before your spouse has a chance to?
Feb 2019
22nd Feb 2019

I Received a Divorce Summons, What Are My Options?

family law attorneysIn California, a divorce is usually initiated when one party sends the other party a summons and petition for the divorce process to move forward. The summons provides some details on matters such as what you can and can’t do with your assets, property, etc. and prevents you from leaving the state with your children. This document should be reviewed carefully, as it is imperative that you follow the guidelines established within.
19th Feb 2019

Why You Need an Attorney When Dealing With Surrogacy in CA

Family Law AttorneysMany couples who struggle or are unable to have children can consider a variety of alternative options in California, which includes adoption and surrogacy. The latter option can be particularly appealing, especially for couples who are physically unable to have their own child, carry higher than usual pregnancy risks, or for couples in a same-sex relationship.
10th Feb 2019

Debunking Myths about Prenups

family law firmFor many, prenuptial agreements continue to hold a certain level of taboo or stigma to them. This isn’t all that surprising, especially because most soon-to-be-wed couples are focused on the romantic and happy aspects of marriage. Nonetheless, we at R & S Law Group have seen the importance of prenuptial agreements time and time again, and have decided to focus this discussion on going over common prenup myths.
5th Feb 2019

How Mediation Sets You Up for a Smoother Divorce Process

divorce lawyersThe process of getting a divorce is never a pleasant one, and there’s rarely such a thing as a “positive divorce.” Things get especially stressful and complicated when litigation becomes part of the process, or when disputes are taken to the family law courts in CA. However, there is such a thing as “better divorces,” particularly when exploring your legal options outside of litigation.
Jan 2019
30th Jan 2019

Do Grandparents have Parental Rights in California?

family law attorneyThere’s a variety of situations in which grandparents might want to seek custody of their grandchildren. Sometimes a child’s parents are unable to care for their child and meet his/her basic needs, yet they might refuse to give up custody. Or perhaps a parent passed away, leaving the child with a stepparent rather than a biological parent.