Dec 2018
20th Dec 2018

Preparing for an Uncontested Divorce in California

divorce attorneysWhen both partners mutually agree to a divorce, they can opt to file for an uncontested divorce in California. They often agree on matters such as child custody/visitation, parenting plans, and asset division ahead of time, which contributes to an overall smoother process.
20th Dec 2018

Understanding Nesting, A Popular New Co-Parenting Approach

Family Law AttorneysOver the last few years, we’ve heard a lot about “nesting” or “birdnesting,” a new approach that is increasingly being adopted by separated parents across the nation. This strategy carries many advantages (and a few notable disadvantages), and newly-separated parents who are looking to implementing a co-parenting plan would do well to consider a nesting arrangement if conditions are right. To help, this post provides a quick overview of nesting and its advantages/disadvantages.
20th Dec 2018

Tips for Dealing with the Everyday Stresses of a Pending Divorce

divorceWe spend a lot of time discussing divorce and court proceedings in this blog, so for this post, we thought we’d shift our attention to an issue that is part-and-parcel of any divorce: dealing with the stress of everyday affairs while divorce constantly sits on the back of your mind.
20th Dec 2018

My Divorce is Pending, what Does this Mean for my Dating Life?

divorce attorneysLife is unpredictable and new relationships can form at any time, including while a divorce is still pending and in the air. While most people feel that they are free to pursue a relationship during this time, the legal side of things can be a bit more complicated, and it’s not uncommon for us to get questions about how a new relationship might impact a divorce that is pending.
Nov 2018
19th Nov 2018

California Child Custody and Drug Testing: How Does it Work?

child custody lawyersDrug and alcohol abuse continue to be a rampant problem in California. Not surprisingly, this has an effect on divorce and child custody proceedings. After all, substance abuse is a leading cause of divorce across not just California, but the entire country as well. Even if the divorce itself wasn’t caused by drug or alcohol abuse, many divorced parents can become concerned if they suspect that the ex is using drugs or alcohol when in custody of the kids, or if his/her ability to parent is being compromised by substance abuse.
19th Nov 2018

Divorce Arbitration in California

divorce lawyersIf you’re going through a divorce in California, or plan on getting one in the near future, it’s worth exploring all of your options. There’s a variety of alternate solutions that can give you more control over how your divorce proceeds, including mediation and arbitration.
19th Nov 2018

Choosing the Right Custody Arrangement for the Holidays

family law attorneysThe holidays are a festive time, but as divorced parents across all of California can tell you, they can also be riddled with logistical complications and disputes around who gets the kids when. When it comes to shared custody, the holidays are no exception and parents are still entitled to their percentage of custody that has been previously established. This means that parents often need to work together in order to figure out a holiday schedule that works for everyone while ensuring that all custody obligations are being met by all parties.
19th Nov 2018

Broaching the Topic of Divorce with Your Spouse

People who want to get a divorce usually spend time mulling over the idea, thinking about the reasons behind their emotions and desires. As a result, they often come to terms with the concept before the topic has been broached in a marriage. This isn’t the case with the other partner, and it can be difficult to predict how someone will react when they get wind of their spouse’s intentions to divorce.
Oct 2018
30th Oct 2018

Cohabitating with your Partner? Why You Need A Clear Agreement in Place

Family Law AttorneysThese days, younger people are increasingly opting to cohabit with their partner as opposed to getting married. There are also others who see cohabitation an essential step that comes before marriage. While this type of arrangement can make a lot of sense, there’s a few considerations that cohabitating couples should spend time discussing with one another, at least when it comes to the financial side of things.
30th Oct 2018

An Overview of Marriage Fraud and Immigration

family law attorneysThese days, scrutiny for foreign nationals who are seeking immigration benefits is high. This is especially true for those who are planning to get married with an American citizen. After all, romance knows no borders, and marriages between citizens of different countries are a frequent occurrence.
30th Oct 2018

California Divorces are Increasingly Complex after Trump Tax Cuts

Family Law AttorneysWhile the new tax laws have been discussed by the media and other outlets extensively, they don’t actually go into effect until this year, which means people didn’t have to account for them until now. This has left family law attorneys, accountants, and other professionals scratching their heads as they work to understand how these changes will impact everyone.
30th Oct 2018

Navigating Pet Custody in California

divorce attorneysEverybody loves their furry companions, and most of us see our pets not just as animals, but as cherished members of our families. Naturally, when separation and divorce are on the table, arguments and disagreements about who gets to keep Fido are bound to crop up.
Sep 2018
24th Sep 2018

Tracking Down a Lost Ex Who Owes Child Support

family law attorneysThis is a scenario that is far too-common: an ex has seemingly vanished into thin air along with his/her required child support payments. This situation can quickly become a nightmare, as may divorced parents rely on those payments to clothe and feed their child, as well as provide a roof over their head.
21st Sep 2018

Preparing for your Upcoming Custody Hearing

family law attorneysAs our clients know, custody hearings carry huge implications for the lives of everyone involved, and they should not be taken lightly. In California, a custody hearing is overseen by a family law judge whose decision is ultimately based on promoting the child’s best interests. As a result, it is the court’s duty to analyze the situation in-depth, consult with each parent, and capture as much of the “picture” as possible before handing down their decision.
14th Sep 2018

Holiday Tips for Divorced or Separated Parents

divorce attorneysThe holidays are fast approaching, which means family gatherings, vacations, and of course, the need to plan for logistics and sort out arrangements. For divorced or separated parents, this can be an especially stressful time. We thought this would be a good opportunity to go over a few set of tips to consider when navigating the upcoming holidays, especially if you’re dealing with an ex-spouse or complicated child custody arrangements.
7th Sep 2018

Dealing with Distance: Tips for Effective Co-Parenting

child custody lawyersAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we advocate co-parenting as an effective option for families in transition. After all, the benefits of a continued, meaningful relationship with both parents are tremendous, and parents should always prioritize the well-being of their children above all else.
Aug 2018
27th Aug 2018

College Debt and Divorce: How Student Loans Impact Your Proceedings

divorce attorneysAs we discussed in an earlier post, money is one of the biggest causes of conflicts and stress in a marriage. In fact, financial conflict is one of the leading causes of divorce across the nation. What many people don’t expect, however, is the possibility that these financial issues could follow them long after the divorce proceedings have concluded.
27th Aug 2018

Cheating, Affairs, and Asset Division in California

divorce attorneysCheating and infidelity are heartbreaking, and when people find out that their spouse has strayed, it can feel like their entire world has turned upside down. After all, the person whom they have trusted and cherished has actively chosen to betray them. Despite the pain that it is sure to bring, many victims of infidelity rightfully choose to walk away from their marriage.

Nobody deserves to endure this kind of betrayal from their partner, which is why many seek to start a new life once they catch wind of their partner’s actions. In these cases, we are often asked about how an affair or other acts of infidelity impacts divorce proceedings and asset/property division. To help address some of those concerns, this post examines California’s stance on divorce, as well as ways in which infidelity could potentially impact the process of dividing assets and debts.  
27th Aug 2018

Ask a Family Law Attorney: Explaining the Differences Between Legal and Physical Custody

child custody attorneysCustody arrangements are tangled and confusing affairs for many, especially in light of California’s complex legal family law code. Nonetheless, the terms of your custody arrangement will impact every aspect of your life, as well as that of your loved ones, so it’s important that you stay in the loop and remain informed during every step of the way.
27th Aug 2018

Contested and Uncontested Divorce in California: What are the Differences?

divorce lawyersWhen a marriage hits a point where there is no salvaging the relationship, many couples take the time to sit down with one another and determine whether divorce is the best options. This often makes things easier for everyone, as it can allow for both parties to find common ground and could set the stage for a more amicable, simpler divorce process.

In our experience however, a simple and “easy” divorce takes more than just a mutual agreement to part ways. In California, divorces are categorized as either contested or uncontested. This post looks over the nuances of each type of divorce, helping you determine which course of action makes the most sense. Remember that for more specific counsel, we at the R & S Law Group, LLP are just a phone call away.

Uncontested Divorce

As the name implies, an uncontested divorce is one where both parties are able to come to an agreement in all things relating to divorce proceedings. That’s right, there’s more to an uncontested divorce than a simple, mutual agreement to end the marriage. You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse need to see eye to eye on everything, including who gets what assets, how child custody and support are to be implemented, and how spousal support will be handled (if applicable).

While uncontested divorce are certainly easier, quicker, and cheaper than other options, it’s not always the best choice. If you and your partner disagree on even a single issue, it’s likely that you are headed towards a contested divorce.

Contested Divorce

Contested divorce is more common for a reason: this is where couples are unable to agree to the terms of the divorce, or even whether the divorce should take place. This is where the courts and the California justice system step in in order to help hash out all the details. In a contested divorce, the final say goes to the judge rather than you or your feuding partner, making it a riskier, more costly option. If the situation calls for it, however, there’s just no getting around it and a contested divorce might be the right choice for you and your loved ones.

Explore Your Divorce Options With a Qualified California Divorce Attorney

Everyone’s circumstances are different, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all solution to divorce in California. That said, your first step when dealing with divorce, child custody disputes, or any other matter relating to family law in California should be to reach out to a qualified attorney.

If you see a divorce in your near future, do not hesitate to reach out to us at R & S Law Group, LLP. Our seasoned attorneys are standing by, ready to provide you with the assistance that you need during these trying times.

Call today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney.
Jul 2018
24th Jul 2018

How A “Gig-Based Economy” Helps Separated Parents Hide Income

Family Law AttorneysEveryone feels the pressure of inflation and as various “gig-based” apps have evolved, people have increasingly shifted over to gigs such as part-time driver for Uber or AirBnb host for property rentals. While this type of “online” work has allowed many to keep up with their bills and provided exciting opportunities for people of all backgrounds, they can seriously complicate things when it comes to child support payments in California.
20th Jul 2018

Social Security Benefits and Divorce: How Does it Work?

divorce lawyersDivorce is a major disruption in anyone’s life, and California residents understand that divorce can lead to significant changes in one’s financial well-being. At R & S Law Group, LLP, we are often asked about how divorce affect social security benefits, especially when they are tied to the soon-to-be ex-spouse.
13th Jul 2018

Ask A California Divorce Attorney: More Top Reasons that Lead to Divorce

divorce lawyersFor this post, we’re continuing the previous discussion and examining common reasons that cause married couples to drift apart and seek out a divorce. As always, remember that this is no substitute for tailored legal advice from a qualified professional. With that being said, let’s dive into some of the other primary reasons for divorce in California (and pretty much everywhere else).
6th Jul 2018

Ask A California Divorce Attorney: Top Reasons for Divorce

divorce lawyersMarriage is a often a beautiful thing, but as many of our clients can attest, it can also turn into one’s worst nightmare. Sweet, caring partners can sometimes to turn into narcissistic or controlling spouses, either rapidly or at a more gradual pace. This can be frustrating and dismaying, especially when the source of the contention is unclear or difficult to pinpoint.