Nov 2017
16th Nov 2017

Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Divorce divorce lawyersresolutions usually come about via two primary routes: mediation or litigation. Each of these legal venues carries its own benefits and downsides, but what many people don’t consider is the fact that there is a third option: collaborative divorce.
9th Nov 2017

Pets and Your Divorce: Guidelines to Keep in Mind

divorce attorneysEveryone loves their pets! This is why it might come as a surprise that, when it comes to divorce, California generally regards pets as property, lumped in with other assets and possessions that are to be split evenly between feuding spouses. Fortunately, the courts aren’t entirely rigid on this and, when both parties are able to collaborate in order to reach an agreement, they will entertain pet custody arrangements between two parties.
6th Nov 2017

Helping Your Children With Your Divorce: What They Need To Know

Divorce family law attorneysis an extremely difficult time for most people, and children in particular can be emotionally devastated. During this delicate time, it is especially important for you to provide them with the support that they need. Below, we’ve outlined a few key guidelines to help you and your loved ones cope with the challenges that divorce and family disputes often bring to the table. Remember, for more in-depth guidance, do not hesitate to reach out to us at the R&S Law Group, LLP. 
1st Nov 2017

Divorce, Your Children, and Social Media: Things To Keep In Mind

divorce attorneys

Pretty much everyone is on social media these days, which means that so much information and data is but a simple google search away. While the convenience of social media certainly cannot be understated, its presence can (and often does) complicate divorce proceedings in unexpected ways.
Oct 2017
25th Oct 2017

Do I Really Need an Attorney for my Divorce Proceedings in California?

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This is a question that we at the R & S Law Group, LLP are often asked. The truth is, self-representation is not uncommon. In fact, nearly half of all divorces in California include one party who has chosen to represent him or herself, rather than rely on a divorce attorney.
18th Oct 2017

Alimony in a California Divorce

family law attorneysWhen a California couple divorces, the higher earning spouse may be required to financially support the lower earning spouse for a certain period of time. Also known as alimony, California law refers to these payments as “spousal support.” The purpose of spousal support is to ease the transition out of marriage to becoming an independent single person. Alimony is typically awarded in cases where one spouse has sacrificed their career and education advancement to devote time to domestic responsibilities.
11th Oct 2017

Surrogacy Laws in California

Surrogacy family law legal advicerefers to an arrangement when a woman agrees to carry a baby for a couple who is unable to do so on their own. There are two types of surrogate pregnancies: traditional (the surrogate provides her own egg, making her the biological mother of the child) and gestational (the intended mother or separate egg donor provides the egg, so the surrogate bears no biological relationship to the resulting child).
4th Oct 2017

Considerations When Adopting a Stepchild in California

Adopting family law legal adviceyour spouse’s child is a wonderful way to show your love and devotion to your stepchild. It can increase a child’s self-esteem, sense of belonging, and family bond. The positive impact of a loving stepparent is even greater when the child does not already have a close relationship with both his natural parents. Studies show children with two active parents perform better academically and are physically and emotionally healthier. However, adopting a child is not a decision that should be made hastily. There are legal, financial, and emotional considerations to keep in mind before making this lifelong decision.
Sep 2017
27th Sep 2017

California Child Custody Basics

child custody lawyersSeparation and divorce are always more difficult when there are children involved. Although some basic child custody and family law issues are handled consistently across all states due to the federal Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement act, custody laws can vary significantly by state. Child custody laws in California are determined by the California Family Code, Division 8 §3000-3465.
25th Sep 2017

Considerations When Adopting a Stepchild in California

Adopting family law legal adviceyour spouse’s child is a wonderful way to show your love and devotion to your stepchild. It can increase a child’s self-esteem, sense of belonging, and family bond. The positive impact of a loving stepparent is even greater when the child does not already have a close relationship with both his natural parents.
5th Sep 2017

Domestic Violence and Divorce in California

family law firmAll divorces in California are “no fault” divorces. However, when domestic abuse is present in a marriage, it can affect the divorce proceedings in several ways. This post outlines some of the ways domestic violence can affect the divorce process, financial settlements, and child custody decisions.
Aug 2017
29th Aug 2017

How to Establish Child Support in a California Divorce

child custody attorneysWhen a married couple with children decides to divorce, it is important to obtain a child support order as soon as possible. Finalizing a divorce can be a long process, and children need to be physically and financially cared for in the meantime.
22nd Aug 2017

Setting Up Visitation Time During Separation and Divorce

family law attorneyWhen a married couple separates, establishing a custody and visitation schedule is one of the most pressing needs on their minds—and arguably the most contentious issue in a divorce. The divorce process in California can take a long time, even years in some cases. Here is what you can expect as you and your spouse set up visitation time.
15th Aug 2017

Changing Your Name and Your Child’s Name After a Divorce

Changing your name after a divorce is a personal decision. Some may want to go back to their maiden name as soon as possibledivorce lawyers, while others will assume the last name of their children. Some women have grown accustomed to their married name and do not wish to change it at all. Still others, after a difficult divorce, can’t wait to adopt an entirely new identity.
10th Aug 2017

5 Biggest Mistakes People Make During Their Divorce

divorce attorneysAt its most basic element, divorce is simply the process of legally dissolving the contract of marriage in a (hopefully) equitable way. There should be no winners and losers in divorce. Unfortunately, sometimes people make blunders along the way that cost them dearly in the divorce process. Here are some of the most common and most painful divorce mistakes people regularly make:
3rd Aug 2017

Surviving an In-home Separation in California

Divorce AttorneysTraditionally, when a couple separates or divorces, one or both spouses will leave the marital home and settle down somewhere new. With California real estate and rent prices among the highest in the nation, maintaining two separate residences is simply not a reality for many divorcing families. Tangled assets and child care responsibilities are some other reasons a married couple may find it difficult to live apart during their separation and pending divorce. While the situation may not be ideal, there are ways to cope with shared living arrangements during a separation and still keep the drama to a minimum.
Jul 2017
27th Jul 2017

Prenuptial Agreements: The Important Document You Never Think You’ll Need

family law attorneysMost of us do not enter into a marriage preparing for the possibility that it will not work out. Although we have all heard roughly half of marriages end in divorce, no one ever thinks their marriage will be one of them. For this reason, nine out of ten couples do not sign a premarital agreement before they get married.
18th Jul 2017

How to Talk to Your Children about Divorce

family law attorneysWhen a couple is considering divorce, weighing the impact this decision will have on their children is at the front of their minds. Divorce is never easy on any family, but children are often better off with divorced parents than living with married parents who hate each other. Once the question of divorce is decided, parents immediately wonder what to say to their kids. No matter how you decide to break the news, reassuring your children they are loved and will always be cared for is most important.
11th Jul 2017

Same-Sex Divorce in California

Orange County divorce lawyersThe legalization of same-sex marriage in states like California as of 2008 naturally means that some same-sex couples will also need the assistance of divorce attorneys who understand how divorce law works and applies to same-sex couples, which, perhaps surprisingly, can sometimes be challenging.
4th Jul 2017

Getting Back On Your Financial Feet after Divorce

Orange County Divorce AttorneyThe financial aspects of divorce can, under some circumstances, be just as stressful and confusing as the emotional aspects. As most people know, the decisions you make before, during, and, in the event of divorce, after your marriage can have financial repercussions on you for the rest of your life.
Jun 2017
27th Jun 2017

How to Protect Your Assets during Divorce (And Marriage)

Divorce Attorneys, Divorce AssetsWhile most people know that California is a community property state--where any asset or income acquired during the marriage is deemed to be a part of the marital estate and separate property is anything that was acquired by either spouse either before the marriage or during the marriage as a gift--many still have questions about the grey areas in between, such as where a spouse’s 401(k) falls on that spectrum, for example.
20th Jun 2017

Can Adultery Affect My Divorce In California?

family law attorneys, child custody legal advice, divorce lawyersCalifornia—like many other states—is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that when parties file for divorce, neither party has to prove fault; nor does fault have any bearing on the divorce itself.

However, if one party has been unfaithful during the marriage, there are still some contexts in which this behavior might have consequences on terms of the divorce, as discussed in more detail below.
May 2017
23rd May 2017

Orange County Divorce Attorney

divorce lawyersWhen going through a separation or contemplating divorce, it is important to have an experienced divorce attorney guiding you through the process. Even in seemingly amicable and uncomplicated divorce proceedings, there are situations that need to be addressed which can impact your family’s well-being and financial security. Having a knowledgeable Orange County divorce attorney by your side can help ensure you are protected.  
16th May 2017

Hiring the Right Divorce Attorney

divorce lawyersWhen going through the breakup of a marriage, there are important decisions to make which can impact your current and future financial security. Having an experienced, professional divorce attorney on your side acting as a strong legal advocate is essential to protecting your rights and interests, as well as to ensure the best possible divorce settlement.