Jul 2018
24th Jul 2018

How A “Gig-Based Economy” Helps Separated Parents Hide Income

Family Law AttorneysEveryone feels the pressure of inflation and as various “gig-based” apps have evolved, people have increasingly shifted over to gigs such as part-time driver for Uber or AirBnb host for property rentals. While this type of “online” work has allowed many to keep up with their bills and provided exciting opportunities for people of all backgrounds, they can seriously complicate things when it comes to child support payments in California.
20th Jul 2018

Social Security Benefits and Divorce: How Does it Work?

divorce lawyersDivorce is a major disruption in anyone’s life, and California residents understand that divorce can lead to significant changes in one’s financial well-being. At R & S Law Group, LLP, we are often asked about how divorce affect social security benefits, especially when they are tied to the soon-to-be ex-spouse.
13th Jul 2018

Ask A California Divorce Attorney: More Top Reasons that Lead to Divorce

divorce lawyersFor this post, we’re continuing the previous discussion and examining common reasons that cause married couples to drift apart and seek out a divorce. As always, remember that this is no substitute for tailored legal advice from a qualified professional. With that being said, let’s dive into some of the other primary reasons for divorce in California (and pretty much everywhere else).
6th Jul 2018

Ask A California Divorce Attorney: Top Reasons for Divorce

divorce lawyersMarriage is a often a beautiful thing, but as many of our clients can attest, it can also turn into one’s worst nightmare. Sweet, caring partners can sometimes to turn into narcissistic or controlling spouses, either rapidly or at a more gradual pace. This can be frustrating and dismaying, especially when the source of the contention is unclear or difficult to pinpoint.
Jun 2018
28th Jun 2018

Getting Back Together with the Ex: Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Re-Married in California

divorce attorneysPeople who get divorced end up getting back together quite frequently, more than popular narratives might have you believe. Sometimes circumstances line up right and people find themselves at a different place, and other times a couple's attempt at a second chance just works.
21st Jun 2018

Ask A California Divorce Attorney: Re-Examining Common Divorce “Truths”

Divorce is one of those things that everyone seems to have an opinionfamily law and divorce legal advice on, and divorce myths have spread like wildfire over the last decade or so. Unfortunately, not everyone is always able to discern fact from fiction when it comes to divorce myths, which is why these falsehoods continue to be perpetrated.
14th Jun 2018

Supervised Visits: Exploring Your Custody and Visitation Options in California

child custody lawyersAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we are often asked about a variety of visitation matters and procedures in California. Many of these questions center around restricted visitation arrangements such as supervised visits. To help clear the air, this post examines how supervised visitation arrangements are set in motion, then briefly touches upon the reasons that the family law courts in California generally grant restricted visitation arrangements.
7th Jun 2018

Visitation Plans in California: What Should I Include?

family law attorneyParents who want to avoid drawn out courtroom proceedings in California will often opt to create a visitation plan with an ex-spouse instead. Also known as parenting plans or "custody and visitation agreements," these plans helping divorcing couples lay out expectations for themselves and for their children as they move forward with their new lives.
May 2018
25th May 2018

Are you Thinking of Filing for Divorce? Ask Yourself These Questions First

divorce lawyersThough divorce is a common occurrence in the U.S., it is by no means simple or easy. We always implore our clients to explore alternate solutions before moving forward with a divorce, especially if the proceedings are likely to be contentious affairs.

This is why we have drafted this quick checklist of questions to go over before proceeding with a divorce. Consider yours answer at length and as always, know that you can reach out to us at R & S Law Group, LLP directly if you would like for one of our legal experts to weigh in on your situation and provide qualified advice.
18th May 2018

Divorced Mothers Face a Variety of Financial Hurdles and Obstacles

child custody lawyersFor single moms, the challenges that come after a divorce can be overwhelming. Fortunately, being aware of these challenges is the best way to help prepare for them. Having a well-defined action plan can help you effectively navigate your new life, especially when it comes to the financial challenges of having to cover your family’s needs all by yourself.
11th May 2018

Dealing with an Uncooperative Co-Parent? Tips for Maintaining a Cool Head

divorce attorneysAs if divorce proceedings weren’t difficult enough, many parents have to deal with an uncooperative ex-partner once the divorce has been finalized and all child custody/visitation arrangements have been established. This can be infuriating, especially when it becomes a regular occurrence, and many parents are understandably thrown into a fit of rage when their ex once again fails to keep his/her end of the bargain or willfully defies previously-established arrangements.
8th May 2018

Divorce and Asset Division: How Cryptocurrency Complicates Matters

divorce attorneysAsset division is always a tricky aspect of divorce, especially when neither party is willing to work with one another. After all, it is in each individual’s interests to move quickly and formulate strategies that will help them avoid the “short end of the stick.” These strategies could involve something as simple as recruiting the assistance of qualified legal counsel, or shadier tactics like deliberately concealing or hiding assets.
Apr 2018
24th Apr 2018

Selling a House During a Divorce in California: How Does it Work?

DivorceDivorce Attorneys on its own carries enough stress and complications as-is! Add the sale of a home to the mix, and things can quickly become overwhelming. As you look to sell your home and divide the equity during your pending divorce, a plethora of questions and concerns are sure to pop up. This is why we at the R & S Law Group, LLP decided to write up this quick guide that can provide answers to some of those questions.
19th Apr 2018

Ask A Family Law Attorney: Making A Good Impression During Your Family Law Case

child custody attorneysIn California, both parents are to be treated equally when dealing with matters such as divorce and child custody disputes. The family law courts avoid favoring one parent over the other without reason. Furthermore, judges are supposed to ensure that their decision is impartial, free of bias, and based solely on the facts at hand. However, just like everyone else, judges are not immune to bias. They may intentionally or unintentionally introduce their own personal perspectives, potential biases, and other opinions that might skew their view and potentially place you at a disadvantage.
12th Apr 2018

Tips for Designing an Effective Parenting Plan for School-Aged Children

divorce attorneysDivorce is always a challenging and difficult time for everyone, and young children can be especially vulnerable to these changes. School-aged children in particular can suffer more than younger siblings due to having a stronger sense of awareness. To help make things easier for them and for your family, we’ve decided to compile a quick list of tips to keep in mind when designing a parenting plan with school-aged children in the mix.
5th Apr 2018

Living with an Ex-Spouse during a Pending California Divorce

divorce attorneysWhile many divorcing couples can’t wait to get out of each other’s hair, moving out of the family home can be difficult when a divorce is pending. Thus, many feuding couples are forced to continue living with one another as they wait for their marriage to be terminated. While this is never a pleasant scenario for either party, there are some steps you can take to make things a little easier.
Mar 2018
29th Mar 2018

Stepparent Adoption: Explaining the Adoption Process in California

adoption lawyersThese days, families have become a flexible unit that changes according to circumstances and individual needs. Many stepparents are more than happy to adopt their spouse’s children in order to reinforce the sense of bond and kinship, as well as to gain parental rights that are usually retained for biological parents.
22nd Mar 2018

A Breakdown of the Legal Requirements for Prenuptial Agreements

family law attorneysConsidered “taboo” for a long time, the stigma around prenuptial agreements has slowly decreased over the years. These days, many are waiting until later to get married, and individuals often bring a complex set of assets and liabilities to the table. In cases where both parties communicate openly and wish to keep their financial independence from one another, prenuptial agreements can be a great tool.

At the R&S Law Group, LLP, people often ask us about how they can establish a prenuptial agreement easily and quickly. This inspired us to write up this blog post, which describes the legal requirements that you need to account for when looking to establish a prenuptial agreement in California. That said, do keep in mind that this is general information and not legal advice. To learn more about how one of our reputable family law attorneys can help you establish a prenuptial agreement in California, do not hesitate to contact us directly to schedule a free initial consultation.
15th Mar 2018

Filing for Guardianship: How the Process Works in California

family law attorneysEstablishing guardianship in California is confusing and complicated process. For one, the required forms are lengthy and there is a lot of paperwork to file. In addition, there are strict rules and regulations in place, and even the smallest error or misstep could lead to having your requested denied.
8th Mar 2018

Potential Complications that Could Arise During Surrogacy

Family Law AttorneysWhen couples are having trouble conceiving, they often explore alternative options such as fertility treatments and surrogate pregnancies. Fertility treatments are not always successful however, which makes surrogacy a popular (but complex) option.

The prospect of having a child via a surrogate pregnancy is exciting, but all involved parties need to understand the complicated nature of this process and ensure that they are approaching this arrangement in good faith. There are many variables at play, which opens up the possibility of complications and conflict.
Feb 2018
22nd Feb 2018

Defining the “Best Interests” of a Child in Custody Disputes

child custody attorneysIt’s something you’ve likely heard time after time: when it comes to child custody disputes, the courts in California will always place the best interests of the child above everything else. So what exactly does this mean? We at the R&S Law Group, LLP thought it would be a good time to break this down in a blog post. Remember that these are general guidelines, and no two cases are the same. For more tailored advice, we advise you to reach out to us directly at the R&S Law Group, LLP.
15th Feb 2018

The Science Proves It: Joint Custody Arrangements Are Beneficial for Children

Divorce is never easy on anyone, especially when it comes to children.child custody lawyers Rather than residing in one stable home where they enjoy the company of both parents, children now face living in divided households, being shuffled back and forth between each parent. Ultimately, divorce is often the right choice for couples who simply cannot reconcile, but that does not change the fact that the transition is a difficult one for children of all ages.
8th Feb 2018

Are You Being Tracked? How Digital Spying Impacts Divorce

family law attorneysOver the last few decades, we have seen a major shift in the way we communicate and engage with one another. Already a growing force, the internet has only further been cemented into our day-to-day lives as smartphones became the norm. While this has afforded us an unprecedented level of convenience, one cannot deny that individual privacy continues to face growing threats.

This carries all sorts of implications, especially when it comes to matters involving divorce, child custody, and family law in California. This blog post explores why those who are dealing with family law disputes need to be careful about their online presence and take steps to ensure that they are not being spied upon.
1st Feb 2018

Family Law and Hearsay in California

family law attorneysThere is no getting around it – disputes involving family law are hostile affairs that leave no room for amicability.  While some couples are able to work out their issues with relative ease and minimal tension, we’ve found this to be the exception rather than the rule. Usually, feuding couples can’t even afford to look at each other, let alone work out complex issues such as child custody, asset division, and more. There’s a multitude of reasons to recruit the assistance of a family law attorney when dealing with these types of issues in California, and today we thought we would explore one of these reasons: the possibility of having to deal with hearsay in court.