Non Military Spouses and Military Benefits in CA

family law attorneysMilitary divorces often have unique complications due to the nature of the military and its bureaucracy/unique set of rules. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the questions we get about military divorces center on military benefits. 

If you or your spouse are an enlisted member of the military, there’s a set of unique military benefits you’ll want to be familiar with. Each type of benefit carries its own eligibility requirements, often based on time as well as other facts. 

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Is the Stress From Your Healthcare Job Placing Your Marriage in Jeopardy?

family law attorneysThe healthcare industry is a tough environment. Here, professionals have to deal with life-and-death scenarios on a regular basis and the hours are often arduous and long. It’s no secret that healthcare workers often put their own well-being and health at risk for the sake of their patients’. Add the recent pandemic to the mix and the truth is, healthcare workers have never been under so much stress.

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How Does Crypto Impact Asset Division in CA?

divorce attorneysYou’ve likely seen more and more advertisements for cryptocurrency everywhere, whether from your social media feed or while tuning in to a major sporting event. This type of alternative currency has been increasing in popularity over the years, and is now at an all-time high. We’re even seeing banks, corporations, and governments slowly starting to work with and accepting crypto. 

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