Date of Separation: What Does This Date Mean For My CA Divorce?

divorce lawyersFor many people, the date when they separate from their ex-spouse carries significant emotional impact. However, there’s also legal implications to this specific date, and the family law courts assign it significance for their own purposes.

Today’s post is a refresher on dates of separation. We’ll cover how a date of separation is assessed, and what implications it carries for your divorce proceedings in California. 

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Key Tips for Helping you and Your Child Succeed with Online Learning

family law attorneyWe’ve spent some time discussing how the new online “normal” has impacted child custody arrangements and made it harder for parents to work together. However, another added stress to this is the fact that online learning can make the learning process itself more challenging. Added distractions, technological hurdles, and unexpected outages are just some of the issues parents have to worry about.

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Prenuptial Agreements: What is Off-limits?

family law attorneysA prenuptial agreement allows two people to come to a legal agreement before they tie the knot and are officially married. They’re often used to hash out financial arrangements if things go south and the couple separates, but can include other terms and stipulations as well.

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Do You Feel Trapped in a One-Sided Relationship? Warning Signs to Look out For

family law legal adviceIn our experience, while divorce is often caused by a variety of complex factors and circumstances, there are many times where contention and resentment can be traced back to one partner’s selfish or self-centered actions. Relationships should be about give and take and while it’s not always constructive to quantify who brings what to the table, the fact is that self people exist and they are often good at manipulation.

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