Do You Feel Trapped in a One-Sided Relationship? Warning Signs to Look out For

family law legal adviceIn our experience, while divorce is often caused by a variety of complex factors and circumstances, there are many times where contention and resentment can be traced back to one partner’s selfish or self-centered actions. Relationships should be about give and take and while it’s not always constructive to quantify who brings what to the table, the fact is that self people exist and they are often good at manipulation.

For today’s post, we’re discussing a few signs that may point to a one-sided relationship where your partner is taking more than he or she is willing to offer or do for you.

Everything Must Always Be About your Partner

Is your partner the type of person who always turns each conversation back to himself or herself? Or perhaps do they consider any inconvenience or annoyance a personal insult and slight against them? These are some examples of behaviors exhibited by people who struggle with the concept of truly understanding others’ point of view, which affects the way they approach romantic relationships as well. 

Looks and Fashion Are Always a Top Priority

Someone can have a healthy interest in fashion and looks without necessarily being self-centered to a flawed degree. However, it is when you pair this trait with others on the list where you might potentially be seeing a pattern of someone whose sole and only priority is themselves, potentially at the expense of their loved ones. Does you partner always need to look his or her absolute best, and is he/she obsessed with how others perceive them? 

Your Partner Aims to Impress and Elevate Themselves

If your partner namedrops impressive people to seem more important, or if they stretch the truth to impress others a little bit more, this is a potential red flag that he/she is a little too obsessed with status. Those who value status tend to consider their partner as an integral part of that status and might treat them like an accessory more than like a living, breathing person. 

Your Partner Can’t Stop Using Social Media

Social media is an addiction to people who seek external validation from others. Their approval literally translates into more likes, comments, notifications, and other forms of virtual acknowledgement. Sure, most of us enjoy seeing our friends react to or acknowledge our posts on social media, but it is certainly not a priority or real concern for the vast majority of users.

The Taking and Giving is Literally One-Sided

Think about how you each approach your relationship. Does your partner engage in actions that make you feel appreciated? Likewise, are you taking the time to show him/her the same attention or dedication that they might be affording you? These questions can provide insight into where you see the relationship going.

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While these can be key signs to look for, remember that this is just a general  discussion and ultimately only you know your relationship. With that said, if you are looking to get divorced, or want advice on how to proceed with current divorce or family law proceedings, know that you can count on us at R & S Law Group, LLP.

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