Key Tips for Helping you and Your Child Succeed with Online Learning

family law attorneyWe’ve spent some time discussing how the new online “normal” has impacted child custody arrangements and made it harder for parents to work together. However, another added stress to this is the fact that online learning can make the learning process itself more challenging. Added distractions, technological hurdles, and unexpected outages are just some of the issues parents have to worry about.

For today’s post, we wanted to offer struggling parents some tips on how they can make online learning easier for their children and themselves. 

Tips On How to Get the Most of out Online Learning

Limit distractions: As many parents have found out, one of the hardest things about being a teacher is making sure kids are on task. If you have any distractions within reach, you’ll already have lost the battle. Limit video games, toys, and pets when your child is in the designated learning space.

Stick to a rigid schedule: Children need structure and it can be very easy to relax with expectations when you’re tired or distracted with work or other activities. However, it is imperative that you stick to a strict schedule in order to maintain the division of school hours vs home hours and reinforce good habits in your child.

Limit screen time after school: Don’t let your child sit in front of a laptop or computer all day, and help them avoid screen fatigue by limiting their online or video game time after school. This will also help reinforce that their school device is just for school, and not meant to be used as a toy after hours.

Try to schedule regular in-person interactions when possible: Children need to interact with their peers, and you should schedule time for them to interact with others whenever possible. Stick to safe options such as outdoor activities as needed but make sure they are continuing to develop their social skills along with their academic ones.

Online School Introduces Additional Wrinkles to the Co-Parenting Process

These are just some ways you can make online learning easier and more enjoyable/tolerable for you and your loved ones. That said, we understand that many parents have to work and are unable to facilitate their child’s online learning to this extent. 

Likewise, the lack of in-person instruction means that many parents have had to forego or “voluntarily” surrender their custody or assigned time. Needless to say, COVID-19 has changed the child custody arena in CA where parents now have to navigate additional challenges. 

Learn more about how a qualified family law attorney can help advise you and your loved ones during these unusual times. For any issues involving child custody, divorce, or family law in CA, know that we at R & S Law Group, LLP are here to help. 

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