Ask a CA Divorce Attorney: Custody During the Holidays

Family Law AttorneysThe end of a very unorthodox year is coming to an end, which brings unique holiday stress and challenges. In general, specifics about holiday schedules can shift and are often determined on a year-by-year basis. This year, COVID restrictions are further complicating things. 

Due to this and general holiday stress, you, the ex, and the children may not see eye-to-eye on how to proceed. For today’s post, we’re discussing things to keep in mind when figuring out how to assign custody during the holiday season in a way that accounts for everyone’s needs.

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Extreme Political Ideologies and Custody: How Does this Impact my Case?

family lawFor many people, the election is just another in the constant four-year cycle of American politics. For others, however, it has become much more and many have been pushed to extreme or polarizing ideologies that are causing a rift between family and friends.

For today’s post, we are looking at how political ideologies can impact your custody case. This doesn’t apply to just recent political debates, either. Many people worry that their ex has unusual beliefs, buys too much into conspiracy theories, and more, which prompts them to ask about this topic.

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Confidentiality Agreements Can Be A Powerful Tool During your CA Divorce

divorce attorneysMany people regard confidentiality agreements in divorces suspiciously. It’s true, they have a bit of a reputation as a tool used by wealthy, powerful men to shield themselves from public scrutiny. When used to silence victims of harassment or pending litigation, it’s hard to disagree with critics. This is a shameless and illegitimate use of this tool, one that has tainted its reputation. 

However, there are legitimate reasons to implement a confidentiality agreement in your upcoming CA divorce. For today’s post, we’re looking at what a confidentiality agreement could mean for your divorce.

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