Dealing with a Narcissist during Divorce

divorce lawyersThese days, the word narcissist is tossed around without caution. But just because the word is overused doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of people with narcissistic tendencies out there. This manifests itself in traits such as arrogance, manipulative behaviors, and more. 

Can people help being a narcissist, or is this something that is part of their nature? While this ages-long question might never be answered, people still have to deal with narcissists. Being married to one can be truly enraging and stress-inducing, so you can only imagine how divorcing them might play out. 

Tips for Dealing with Your Narcissistic Ex

On our end, we’ve seen narcissists try to employ all sorts of tactics during divorce, including refusing to provide any required information or documents during court, refusing to negotiate, using their children to their advantage, and outright defying court orders. 

Gather key documents and evidence ahead of time: Once the cat is out of the bag and the ex knows you want out, he/she will likely try to make it difficult for you to collect any crucial documents. Likewise, anything that can be useful as evidence should be secured before they have a chance to interfere.

Have personal funds ready and easily accessible: Along similar lines, no one likes to think about this but divorce comes with many expected and unexpected expenses. Narcissists will do anything to keep the upper hand, including cutting you off from funds that you need to transition out of the relationship.

Consult with a qualified professional: A narcissist will have a harder time trying to bully you or manipulate you with a strong legal team on your side. A skilled attorney can ensure that proceedings move forward without too much interruption from the ex, and can help keep him/her in check when they decide to act in bad faith during your court proceedings. 

Count on R & S Law Group to Have Your Back

Divorcing a narcissist is probably the most difficult endeavor that someone will ever have to go through, but remember that you are not alone. The skilled attorneys at R & S Law Group, LLP are here to help you navigate the upcoming legal challenges, and we take pride in our commitment to each and every client.


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