Breaking Up Over a Video Call: How COVID-19 is Pushing Virtual Divorce

divorce lawyersDue to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many courts across CA remain closed for divorce proceedings. This has stalled or outright stopped many divorce proceedings, which comes with its own major life interruptions on top of other COVID-19 restrictions. 

That said, many hearings are still happening virtually and there are definitely options for you to move your divorce forward without going into court. In fact, these options were readily available before the pandemic as well, but now the new “normal” has led to an explosion of popularity for these options. 

Today, we’re talking about virtual divorces carried out primarily via video call, using services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Moving Your Case Forward Via Video Call

Right now, it can be difficult to go to trial as the courts are operating on a significantly reduced capacity. They’re only open to tend to urgent or pressing cases, such as those involving emergency custody orders, restraining orders, and any other related situation where someone might be in danger. 

However, remember that most divorce proceedings do not go to trial. For most of these cases, virtual hearings are still an option to keep the case moving forward. You can use technologies such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other video conferencing apps to consult with your attorney, to participate in virtual mediation sessions, and work through other complicated legal issues. 

Preparing for your Virtual Hearing

While you won’t be physically going to the court for your virtual mediation or hearing, we advise that you still take the time to prepare. Dress as if you were going to the court and make sure you’re making a good impression on all involved parties. 

Make sure you’re in a space where you can proceed relatively undisturbed, and take time to test your camera and audio before the actual conference. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the website or app if needed so you don’t accidentally mute/unmute or disconnect during key moments. 

On that note, make sure you put your full name in whatever app or website you use for your virtual meeting. This will ensure that you are labeled properly on everyone’s screen.

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