Additional California Custody Tips to Know

family law legal adviceCustody battles and other related matters are possibly some of the most challenging facets of any divorce. Parents often fight passionately to make sure they end up on the “winning side.” While being concerned about your children’s future is reasonable, many parents take their behavior to an extreme. 

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TIps for Handling Home Equity During a Divorce

divorce attorneysIn California, the cost of real estate can be astronomical. This is why so many people go in with their partner when making such large investments, and it’s not unusual for married couples to have shared equity of a home or property.

This can lead to complications if and when divorce is on the table. We at R & S Law Group, LLP, are familiar with these types of cases and can vouch for how messy they can get. To help give you an idea of what to expect, we’re going over the main approaches that couples usually work with in order to handle home equity during a divorce.

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