Additional California Custody Tips to Know

family law legal adviceCustody battles and other related matters are possibly some of the most challenging facets of any divorce. Parents often fight passionately to make sure they end up on the “winning side.” While being concerned about your children’s future is reasonable, many parents take their behavior to an extreme. 

This can have the unfortunate effect of impacting their custody proceedings. It’s tough to keep emotions in check but going overboard can have disastrous consequences. Today, we want to offer a few tips on behaviors to avoid when you’re in the middle of a custody battle. 

Remember that this is an informational post and not legal advice. To speak with a family law expert, know that you can always call our office directly.

Don’t Toss Your Child in the Middle of the Dispute

This one should be self-explanatory, but is actually a common mistake. Simply put, you should minimize your child’s involvement in the proceedings. The only exceptions are when they are considered old enough to offer a preference, and even then this is only for cases where having the child weigh in makes sense.

Other than that, they should not have to concern themselves with the complex legal proceedings or difficult discussions.

Avoid Corporal Punishment

The courts do not look kindly upon any form of violence, which includes penalties involving corporal punishment. This can greatly hurt your chances of getting a favorable resolution. If you are in the habit of implementing this type of punishment, we advise that you immediately stop if you don’t want to jeopardize your custody case.

Keep the New Boyfriend or Girlfriend Away

During scheduled visitation times, don’t bring your new flame along for the company. Your child is dealing with enough as-is, and adding additional factors can only complicate things. The family law courts disapprove of this type of behavior as it can suggest that you’re more concerned with your own interests and less concerned with your child’s needs.

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