Childless Divorce: How it Works When Kids Aren’t Involved

divorce lawyersThese days, divorce is always a possibility for many couples. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the increased rate of divorce over the years means that people aren’t willing to stay with someone who makes them unhappy. Nonetheless, with an all around 50% divorce rate across the nation, it can pay off to do your homework and understand how the divorce process works in CA.

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Parental Interference: What You Need to Know

family law firmWinning a custody battle or coming to a resolution is an important step in helping you and your loved ones move past your divorce. However, this milestone doesn’t always mark the end of all custody disputes. While both parents are legally obligated to follow through with the established agreement, some parents are much less cooperative than others.

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Custody Order Violations in CA: Things to Know

family law attorneyAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we spend a lot of time helping our clients through a variety of custody issues. Whether they’re looking to establish a custody plan, want to modify an existing plan, or are dealing with an ex who refuses to follow through on their end of the obligations, we strive to empower them with the information they need and represent them during all stages of their legal proceedings.

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