Reviewing the Benefits of Mediation on Child Custody Outcomes

Family Law AttorneysWe’ve covered the benefits of mediation before, but today we want to focus on child custody outcomes specifically. Over time, we’ve observed that parents who opt for mediation tend to enjoy better and healthier outcomes when compared to those who have a full-on custody battle. 

While we realize that it’s not always an option, mediation should be your preferred avenue for resolving divorce issues for a variety of reasons. Here’s why child custody disputes in specific have a lot to benefit from this cooperation-focused approach.

Mediation shields your kids from negative emotions

Divorce and other disputes are often fueled by resentment, anger, jealousy, and other negative emotions. This leads to a negative or hostile environment at home, which the child is subjected to. Likewise, kids are often inevitably dragged into the custody dispute itself.

By choosing mediation, you choose to protect your children by taking a quieter and more cooperative approach. You’ll also have a neutral mediator present to step in if tensions arise.

Mediation lets you focus on what matters

Your child’s needs should always be placed above all else, something that mediation helps you enforce. You and the other parent have to come together in order to formulate a co-parenting plan, where you’ll have ample time to discuss the child’s needs. Once again, the mediator can help lead the discussion forward even in cases where there’s still a lot of resentment hiding under the surface.

Mediation creates a foundation for healthier outcomes

When you opt to work with the ex, you reinforce the notion that both parents will continue to be a part of a child’s life. Even if you’re not married, you and the ex can still be great parents who provide your kids with the foundation and sense of stability that they need. 

Mediation lets you set the example by helping prevent parental alienation on either side. It also demonstrates that fighting isn’t the answer and in fact leads to bigger problems and more stress.   

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These are just some of the reasons we advocate for mediation when possible. At R & S Law Group, LLP, we understand that each divorce has its own unique circumstances. We work with clients to explore their options and consider all possible outcomes.

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