Don’t Make These Common Child Support Mistakes!

family law legal advicePaying for and keeping up with child support payments can be tricky, especially when you look at how quickly the courts act to penalize parents who miss a payment or make a mistake. These rules are understandably designed to ensure parents are providing for their children’s needs at all times, but they can sometimes ensnare well-intentioned parents who might have made a simple mistake.

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My Spouse Wants a Divorce, What Should I Do?

divorce lawyersDivorce is usually initiated by one party, even if both partners feel the same way about the future of the marriage. Of course, there are cases where someone is blindsided by the prospect of divorce. Whether you see it coming or not, being on the receiving end of a petition for divorce can be nerve-wracking. 

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Taking the Fast Lane: How Can I Expedite my Divorce in CA?

divorce lawyersAs we’ve discussed plenty of times on here, divorce is a complicated and lengthy process that can lead to unpredictable outcomes. Simply put, no one enjoys the legal process of getting a divorce. This often leads to clients asking us about a fast lane. Are there any options for couples who are looking to expedite their divorce in CA, or is everyone stuck on the same typical proceedings?

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