Childless Divorce: How it Works When Kids Aren’t Involved

divorce lawyersThese days, divorce is always a possibility for many couples. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the increased rate of divorce over the years means that people aren’t willing to stay with someone who makes them unhappy. Nonetheless, with an all around 50% divorce rate across the nation, it can pay off to do your homework and understand how the divorce process works in CA.

Every divorce is different, and some are complex, drawn-out legal battles. Others are quick and short affairs. Today, we want to look at the latter, especially within the context of marriages without children. 

We at R & S Law Group, LLP want to emphasize that the information in this post is general. For detailed legal advice, you should always seek the expertise of a qualified professional. With that out of the way, here’s a rundown of how a simplified divorce looks like in CA, especially if there are no kids or major disputes involved.

How a Simplified Divorce Works

A simplified divorce can be broken down into two major steps: the petitioning of the divorce and the formulation of the settlement agreement upon which the marriage is to be concluded. 

Petitioning a divorce: When you and the ex see eye to eye in a variety of issues and want to pursue a simplified divorce, you both initiate this process via a joint petition. You both submit signed documentation where you express your interest in dissolving the marriage. Within this petition, you might that there are no kids involved, whether alimony rights are being waived by either party, and more.

Formulating a settlement agreement: The next step involves drafting a formal settlement agreement. One way in which this is achieved is by having each party formulate their own settlement agreement. They then work together to find middle ground and come up with a finalized settlement that works for everyone.

Don’t Overlook the Assistance of a Qualified Divorce Attorney

Although simplified divorce is a fairly straightforward process in CA (especially if there are no children involved), you shouldn’t skip out on consulting with a divorce attorney. You shouldn’t risk exposing yourself to potentially unfair terms or unexpected disputes, even if children aren’t involved.

When it comes to divorce, it always pays for you to have your own representation, someone whose entire priority is to look out after your own interests. Each divorce involves its own unique factors and circumstances, and it’s not always possible for you to accurately predict how your case will go. 

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