Dealing with an Uncooperative Co-Parent? Tips for Maintaining a Cool Head

divorce attorneysAs if divorce proceedings weren’t difficult enough, many parents have to deal with an uncooperative ex-partner once the divorce has been finalized and all child custody/visitation arrangements have been established. This can be infuriating, especially when it becomes a regular occurrence, and many parents are understandably thrown into a fit of rage when their ex once again fails to keep his/her end of the bargain or willfully defies previously-established arrangements.

For this blog post, we thought we would focus on strategies to help you cope with anger as you deal with a co-parent who simply refuses to work with you. Remember, some people will simply never change, but at the very least you can change or control the way in which you respond to their actions.

Keep the Focus on your Children and their Well-being

The worst thing a parent can do is allow this anger to create a rift between him/herself and any involved children. Always prioritize your relationship with your children and foster a sense of warmth and closeness. This will help you cope with anger or other strong emotions when you find yourself worrying about them, especially if the other parent continues to exhibit hostility and negativity.

Remember that the Other Parent is Also Distressed

It can be a struggle to empathize with someone who seems to be intentionally making your life difficult. In fact, your very first instinct is likely a desire to lash back in response. However, most hostile behavior has a root cause, and a co-parent who continues acting out is likely simply distressed rather than actively looking to antagonize you for fun. Understanding this can help you identify the source of the conflict and potentially open the doors for any type of productive communication, or at least contribute to a more positive environment for your children.

Identify Positive Outlets for Your Frustration and Anger

This also applies outside of divorce and other family law disputes, but many people effectively find ways to cope with anger and other strong emotions. These strategies can include exercise and other recreational activities, creative endeavors such as writing or painting, and even medication/breathing techniques that can help you center yourself during challenging times. If you expect to deal with an infuriating or hostile ex on a regular basis, you can do your part by identifying the coping techniques that work for you.

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