Divorced Mothers Face a Variety of Financial Hurdles and Obstacles

child custody lawyersFor single moms, the challenges that come after a divorce can be overwhelming. Fortunately, being aware of these challenges is the best way to help prepare for them. Having a well-defined action plan can help you effectively navigate your new life, especially when it comes to the financial challenges of having to cover your family’s needs all by yourself.

This blog post highlights the biggest financial hurdles that single mothers can expect to face once their divorce has been finalized. Remember that this is a very general outline. For more tailored legal advice, we suggest that you schedule a consultation with one of our family law experts, someone who can help you create an effective plan for the future. For now, these are some of the main financial challenges that single mothers often face in California.

Accounting for Bills and Other Family Needs on a Reduced Income

After a divorce, many see their household incomes slashed as the other party withdraws their support. This is especially true in cases where the other partner was the primary breadwinner or earned much more than their spouse. Single mothers can quickly become overwhelmed as they try to keep up with all household and utility bills, clothing, food, school supplies, and other necessities.

Covering Steep Childcare Costs

In addition to the decreased family income, one less parent in the primary household means one less set of eyes who can watch over the kids when the other is at work. Childcare costs in California are steep, with annual costs usually exceeding $12,000. This problem can become a bit of a catch-22, as single moms need to work and put long hours in order to earn a solid income, but being away from home means that childcare costs will go up significantly.

Finding a Suitable New Home

Statistics show that single mothers are particularly vulnerable to falling under the poverty line after a divorce. This sad truth can limit a divorced mother who wants to provide the best possible home and living situation for her children, especially amidst skyrocketing rent prices in California. Thankfully, in cases where a single mother is forced to move out of the original family home, there are various targeted assistance programs that can provide relief. Either way, having to find a new home after a divorce is a daunting prospect, especially for single mothers.  

Do You Need Help with Your California Divorce?

For divorced mothers who are toughing it out alone, remember that there are options worth exploring. These could involve establishing or modifying child support to better fit the needs of your family, formulating strategic solutions via mediation, and more.

To speak to a qualified divorce attorney about these or any other matters involving family law in California, be sure to call us at R & S Law Group, LLP at your earliest convenience. We provide free initial consultations, where you can learn more about how we can help with your specific situation.