5 Biggest Mistakes People Make During Their Divorce

divorce attorneysAt its most basic element, divorce is simply the process of legally dissolving the contract of marriage in a (hopefully) equitable way. There should be no winners and losers in divorce. Unfortunately, sometimes people make blunders along the way that cost them dearly in the divorce process. Here are some of the most common and most painful divorce mistakes people regularly make:

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Surviving an In-home Separation in California

Divorce AttorneysTraditionally, when a couple separates or divorces, one or both spouses will leave the marital home and settle down somewhere new. With California real estate and rent prices among the highest in the nation, maintaining two separate residences is simply not a reality for many divorcing families. Tangled assets and child care responsibilities are some other reasons a married couple may find it difficult to live apart during their separation and pending divorce. While the situation may not be ideal, there are ways to cope with shared living arrangements during a separation and still keep the drama to a minimum.

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How to Talk to Your Children about Divorce

family law attorneysWhen a couple is considering divorce, weighing the impact this decision will have on their children is at the front of their minds. Divorce is never easy on any family, but children are often better off with divorced parents than living with married parents who hate each other. Once the question of divorce is decided, parents immediately wonder what to say to their kids. No matter how you decide to break the news, reassuring your children they are loved and will always be cared for is most important.

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