Uncovering Hidden Assets During Divorce: Things To Keep In Mind

divorce attorneysAlthough the concealment of assets during divorce proceedings is illegal, many in California frequently try to stash away and conceal property and wealth in order to avoid splitting them up during the division of assets. Many take the risk of breaking the law because, frankly, people often get away with asset concealment in California.

Don’t let your soon to be ex-spouse cheat you out of what is rightfully yours. We’ve written this post to highlight a few key strategies that can help you uncover hidden assets and ensure that your spouse is not taking advantage during your divorce proceedings. Remember, for more in-depth assistance, do not hesitate to contact the seasoned divorce attorneys at the R&S law Group, LLP.

Remember to Demand Additional Information During Discovery

This is a great time to request additional information, as requests submitted via the proper channels must be honored, and your spouse will have no choice other than to furnish the requested information and answer all questions truthfully. Information that you can request during this time can include bank statements, financial records, tax documents, trust and estate documents, titles, liens, and  more.

Examine Voluntary Disclosures Carefully

Voluntary asset disclosures allow for parties to take the initiative and present information on their assets and property. Given that you know your ex-spouse well, you likely have an idea of the kind of assets that they own. Be sure to examine the information contained in his/her voluntary disclosure with a careful eye, and watch out for discrepancies.

Schedule a Deposition Before Your Court Date

You have the option of deposing your spouse before the scheduled court date. Remember, any information that is furnished during a deposition are under oath and must be factual, which is why depositions are an ideal environment for uncovering hidden assets. Be sure to do your research and prepare beforehand, as you want to ensure that you’re asking the right questions which will lead to said hidden assets or other attempts to mislead.

Recruit The Assistance of a Qualified Divorce Attorney

Above all, you need a legal professional to protect your interests during every step of the way. If you have any other questions matters relating to asset division, divorce, or family law in California, know that you can count on the seasoned divorce attorneys at the R&S Law Group, LLP. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation.