Therapy Can be Invaluable in Helping You Navigate Your California Divorce

divorce lawyersDivorce is not easy: this isn’t exactly a surprise or revelation. The psychological and emotional impact of divorce can often be devastating for all involved parties, including yourself, your children, and other members of your household as well as relatives.

There’s many ways in which people cope with such trying times; some of these coping strategies are more beneficial than others. Today’s post is a look at therapy and how it can be used as an effective tool to help you navigate your divorce. We’ll also discuss whether the fact that you’re in therapy could be used against you in any way, perhaps by the ex or by family law court officials during legal proceedings. 

Don’t forget that the information contained is a general overview. We offer free initial consultations so for more guided advice that can help you with your specific situation, call us directly at R & S Law Group, LLP.

Therapy Puts You on the Proper Mindset to Move Forward 

The divorce itself can be harrowing and challenging, but few people think about the life that awaits them after the proceedings are finalized. A therapist not only helps you push through the challenging times, they can also help you prep for the landscape that awaits you. Therapy helps you refocus and attain a positive or more hopeful mindset that keeps you moving forward.

Everything You Say To Your Therapist is Confidential

Friends and close relationships can be a great source of counsel and comfort, but as we’ve seen far too many times, people have an unfortunate tendency to gossip and spread half-truths. Even when you fully trust your confidants, you can still benefit greatly from consulting with a qualified therapist. 

Remember, everything you say to them is in full confidence and as licensed professionals, they are bound by law to keep what you share private. The only exceptions include instances where you are either a threat to yourself or others. Barring that, you can count on full and total confidence.

Can Therapy Be Used Against Me in a CA Family Law Courtroom?

We often get asked this question a lot and generally the answer is no, it cannot. There are notable exceptions, but for the most part family law courts favor individuals who seek to make things better and get help as needed. If the family law courts learn that you are actively going to therapy, this can help contribute to an image of a responsible and self-aware adult who takes steps to improve themselves and those around them. 

That said, depending on the specifics of your medical needs, the family law courts may look into whether you are fit to parent. This doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone who goes to therapy is unfit to parent, far from it. But it can give the family law courts reason to dig further and assess your ability to provide for your child.

That said, there isn’t one true simple answer to this question. The best avenue you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones is to consult with a qualified CA family law attorney. Reach our seasoned lawyers at R & S Law Group LLP today by calling us at (949) 825-5245. We’ll take the time to sit down with you and learn more about your and your loved ones’ specific situation.