Are Your Children Using Social Media Safely and Responsibly?

family law attorneysSocial media in all its forms is here to stay: whether you’re using Facebook, sharing clips via Snapchat, showing off your latest escapades in Instagram, or getting lost in TikTok. There’s nearly 4 billion users across the globe and for most people in California, this includes their children. 

There’s lots of great and interesting content on these sites, and they are a great way to stay connected with others. However, there are also lots of threats and dangers lurking online. More than ever, it’s critical that your children understand how to stay safe on the internet. Likewise, they need to ensure they don’t do anything to avoid negative attention. After all, their behavior online and offline is regarded as a reflection of your parenting abilities, especially when it comes to the family law courts in CA.

For today’s post, we’re offering some tips for you and your family to always keep in mind as they explore and engage with others in their social media sites of choice.

Look Out for “Sexting” and Other Inappropriate Behaviors

This point is huge, especially if your child is a minor. Make sure he/she understands the warning signs for troubling behaviors, especially from adults who may have ulterior motives. There’s tons of creeps online, and many systematically target younger users. Social media sites are too aware of these problematic behaviors but their attempts at dealing with this have only chipped away at a huge problem at best. 

Also, make sure he/she isn’t engaging in sexting or sharing any type of explicit photos or content. In addition to the risk of blackmail, your child could find themselves the victims of anonymous harassment and/or even find themselves (along with you) on the wrong side of the law. 

Don’t Just Use Blockers, Be Active in Their Internet Usage

Parental blockers and other forms of security tools can be a great starting point to helping your kids stay safe online, but don’t just rely on technology for this. Kids are shrewd and resourceful, there’s a good chance they will eventually find ways around firewalls, parental restrictions, and more. Even if they don’t circumvent your security tools, you can’t always control their activity when they’re out of the house, in school, etc. It’s important for parents to be active in their kids’ lives and try to get a better understanding of what their child likes to do online, where they spend their time, who they talk to, etc. 

Educate Your Children on Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has been called an epidemic by many professionals. As it turns out, people are just as if not more prone to bully each other via digital spaces from the comfort of their computer chair. Teach your children about cyberbullying and make sure they know how to stand up for themselves as well as check out of situations that are hostile or unpleasant. On the other side of the same coin, make sure they’re not engaging in any hateful, toxic, or aggressive behavior. Remind them that online interactions are as real as those in the real world, and teach them to be considerate and mindful of what they say and do. 

Discuss Your Legal Needs With a Skilled CA Family Law Attorney

We hope this post gives you a solid starting point for teaching you and your loved ones about how to stay safe when using social media and other websites. With that said, if you have any questions about how online interactions could impact your divorce proceedings, or for any questions relating to child custody and family law in CA, reach us directly at (949) 825-5245 today.