Signs or Evidence of Emotional Abuse Can Impact Custody Disputes in CA

family law legal adviceParents are passionate when it comes to their children, and it is understandable that divorcing parents may not always see eye to eye on decisions involving the kids. Unfortunately, not every parent is willing or able to prioritize the well-being of their children and disputes aren’t always so clear-cut. 

As we’ve discussed, the family law courts in CA take the well-being of the children as the main priority. When there are allegations or signs of emotional abuse, family law court officials will proceed cautiously and deliberately, ensuring that these claims are investigated. For today’s post, we’re looking at how emotional abuse is often defined by the family law courts, as well as covering a few key points about how evidence and documentation can further paint a picture for the family law courts.

Defining Emotional Abuse in a Child Custody CA Case

  • Verbal assaults: Parents who speak to their children with cruel and mean words can leave long-lasting repercussions and can make a child feel demeaned or unloved.
  • Social isolation: Many parents try to retain control over their children by keeping them away from others, including other family members, classmates, friends, and more. 
  • Ignoring/neglecting the child: Parents who go out of their way to make their child feel neglected or rejected are acting in a cruel and abusive way. Children are easily impressionable and need to feel loved/accepted in order to be safe, happy, and secure.
  • Rejection: Some parents make it a point to reject their child outright, any text messages, calls, or communications that clearly demonstrate this are sure to paint a very clear picture while in court.
  • Exploitation and manipulation: Parents should not prioritize their own self interests over their children, and using their kids to further these other priorities is manipulative and unhealthy.

Evidence and Documentation are Key

These are all damning behaviors that can turn the tide of a custody dispute quickly, but the family law courts won’t simply jump to conclusions without proper evidence. As they must remain impartial, it can be hard to say how things will play out if the arguments devolve into a “he said, she said” type of situation. 

This is why, when you know emotional abuse is happening, you and your loved ones should try to take steps to collect evidence in a way that is safe and keeps you out of danger. This can include screenshots of communications, voicemails, social media posts, hospital records, police reports, and more. The main thing to remember is that it could take more than just allegations to see an impact on the custody case. 

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