The Dangers of Representing Yourself in a California Family Law Case

Family Law AttorneysDivorce happens for a variety of reasons: incompatibility, infidelity, financial hardships, health issues, and more. Regardless of the reasons behind your divorce, don’t assume you can represent yourself in court. We’ve seen it time and time again, someone who expects a straightforward procedure ends up facing off against a very well-prepared ex with an aggressive lawyer on their side. 

Even if you trust your ex to stay amicable, there are some very real risks to proceeding without a family law expert on your side. Today’s post covers some of the most common risks and dangers that you expose yourself to when you choose to take a DIY approach to legal representation during your California family law issue.

  • You risk “losing” the case: Simply put, you’re less likely to “win” the case, whether this means retaining custody, ensuring a fair and equitable divisions assets, etc., if the other side has a dedicated legal ally working to push their agenda.
  • The cost balloons to an exuberant amount: Unless you know how these procedures go, you may find yourself shocked at the amount of fees and charges that are sure to stack over the months. Many people try to save money by skipping on an attorney but drawn out procedures and other mistakes easily overwrite this benefit.  
  • Higher potential for small mistakes: Legal procedures are by nature complicated, tedious, and technical. Without a dedicated guide, your chances of small “minor” mistakes increases. In the legal arena, small mistakes can gum up the works and create significant disadvantages from one second to the next.
  • Fair settlements are harder to achieve: Most people are not legal experts or authorities on equitable asset division. There’s a good chance that the ex’s attorney will do whatever it takes to maximize his/her client’s “payout.” It can be very difficult to not be taken advantage of when you face off against a seasoned legal expert who has zero interest in your needs or what is fair to you.
  • Unexpected tax complications: Like with many things in life, divorce can complicate your taxes significantly. A DIY approach to family law means that you may not really understand the tax implications of the situation.

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Divorce is complicated and messy, and the outcomes can be equally devastating if you walk in unprepared. At R & S Law Group, LLP, we firmly believe that everyone should have a fair chance during their CA divorce, and the best way to ensure this is to consult with a reputable legal professional about your specific situation.

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