Legal Marijuana and your Child Custody Case

family law attorneysIn California, it’s legal for adults aged 21 and older to partake in recreational marijuana. This is a huge sigh of relief for users, and is considered by many a major milestone in progressive drug policy in the US.

While you can now legally use marijuana in the appropriate settings, scenarios that involve child custody matters are a different beast altogether. Today, we are offering key advice to keep in mind if you choose to use legal recreational marijuana while dealing with custody issues in CA.

Using Legal Marijuana? Essential Custody Tips to Know

When you’re fighting for custody of a minor, you’re going to find yourself under much more intense scrutiny, both from the courts and from the ex. An angry or bitter ex who wants to deny you custody rights can certainly use this fact against you, as he/she could argue that you are risking your child’s life or acting irresponsibly. Likewise, the courts will frown upon any potential risk of a child being exposed to drugs, legal or not, and might question your ability to prioritize.

We highly advise that you refrain from any non-prescription or doctor approved drug use when navigating custody issues. Legal or not, this can hurt your case and impact your chances of getting the outcome you prefer. Likewise, it could inform your child’s current and future risk-taking decisions. 

If you insist on partaking, at the very least be sure to follow this advice: 

  • Never smoke around your child and avoid being around the influence around them altogether
  • Keep marijuana and other drugs away and inaccessible from your kids
  • Never try to operate a vehicle while under the influence, and certainly not when your child is riding along with you
  • Remain aware of all marijuana laws in CA and ensure you’re well within those guideline

Want to Learn More?

These are just some ways that can help you mitigate any potential blowback or complications if the ex or the courts decide to press this matter further. As stated earlier, the custody of your child and other family law matters are simply too serious to risk. Think closely about whether you want to add further complications to the discussions and give a thought to simply abstaining from marijuana use altogether.

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