Cohabitation During the Separation Process: How to Prepare for Divorce

divorce lawyersMany people prefer to move away from their partner as soon as the decision to get divorced is made. Most relationships are officially over once either person openly expresses their desire to get a divorce, as this is often something people think about for a long time. 

That said, not everyone has the luxury to be able to move, as finances are often a challenge during divorce. Not only that, moving away could also pose additional future challenges when it comes to custody and any shared property. Add any potential children who live in the shared family home, and things are not always so simple.

This is why we’ve decided to review some advice and best practices when you find yourself having to share a room with a soon-to-be ex. Keep these tips in mind as you navigate closer and closer towards your divorce date. 

Get a Head Start on Separating Finances

A lot can happen between now and your divorce. Avoid any nasty surprises, such as the ex piling a ton of debt on you or taking away resources that he/she is fully authorized to access. Make sure you start separating finances right away, whether this involves getting your own bank accounts, credit cards, and more. 

Along these lines, start taking inventory of all your assets and resources, as well as any valuable documentation. This information will come in handy during the asset division process.

Document and Gather Evidence on Any Issues or Incidents

As you share a roof, tensions might flare and it’s not uncommon for people to lash out physically, via text or online communications, and more. Above all, make sure you are safe and leave if your safety or that of your loved ones is threatened.

Provided you are not in any immediate danger, take the time to document any incidents, back up pictures of texts, track specific dates, and gather as much evidence as you can. This information will be critical in helping you fight for your rights, whether this involves custody disputes, conflicts over spousal support, and more.

Talk to a California Divorce Attorney

Above all, make sure you’re getting qualified advice from a certified professional whose sole mission is to look out for your best interests. Every case is unique, and the nuances to living with the ex while divorce approaches are far too complex to cover in a blog post. 

Once the decision to move forward with the divorce has been made, do not hesitate in contacting a reputable divorce attorney in CA. At R & S Law Group, LLP, we offer free initial consultations. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with your CA divorce. 

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