An Early Look at Divorce Data During the Pandemic

family lawMany have speculated what the effect of major events such as pandemics can have on divorce rates. Now that we’re well over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s some early data that can help validate theories that have been floated around.

Initially, many suspected that COVID-19 would lead to people spending more time in confined spaces with one another, which increases tensions, highlights problems with a marriage, and would lead to increased divorce rates. Does the data reflect this hypothesis? Surprisingly, early data suggests this is not the case, although there are some factors to consider. 

Let’s delve into the different points of data below. 

Interest in Divorce Up During the Last Year

Over the last year, many commerce sites and private companies did see an uptick of activity. For example, websites that offer divorce services or information saw an increase in traffic. In the southern states, one company reported that more people were purchasing online divorce forms. 

This increase in interest doesn’t necessarily translate to more divorce however, so let’s take a look at actual divorce stats for the last year or so. 

Actual Divorce Rates Trending Down

While 2020 data is still trickling in, some states have begin compiling the data that they do have. Analysts were surprised to see a consistent downward trend. Most states are reporting a drop of around 25% – 36%, suggesting that perhaps the pandemic has actually strengthened marriages across the country.

That’s an optimistic take on the data, however. Another way to interpret it is to remember that there were additional limitations on those who would otherwise seek a divorce, including closed courts, financial limitations due to lay-offs across various industries, and limited mobility due to lockdowns. 

Consult with a Divorce Attorney for all your Family Law Questions

As we move into 2021 and onward, analysts will continue to track these trends in order to strengthen the reliability of their interpretations. With that said, overall divorce statistics are a little too high-level when it comes to individuals who are navigating a divorce. 

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