When Should You Begin Contacting Divorce Lawyers?

divorce lawyersNo one should find themselves in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, far too many people are and don’t even realize it until it’s too late. These circumstances can be made much worse if a legal marriage is involved, making it more difficult for one partner to separate from the other.

When the signs of potentially abusive behavior come to light, it’s very important to seek out the help of divorce lawyers immediately. As many as one in four women will be victims of severe violence from an intimate partner at sometime in their life, while one in seven men will also experience severe violence by an intimate partner.

It is unfortunately common for abusive relationships to degrade to the point of physical violence. Without any form of family law legal advice or intervention, human lives can even be on the line. Just in 2011, 1,509 women were murdered by men they knew, 926 of which were killed by an intimate partner; 264 of those murdered by an intimate partner occurred during an argument.

Divorce lawyers are well aware of how volatile many marriages can be. Almost like ticking time bombs, constantly on the verge of detonation. So they understand how important it is to act quick to remove spouses from these dangerous situations.

And with one divorce happening approximately every 36 seconds, amounting to almost 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 a week, and a whopping 876,000 divorces each year, you can bet a sizable amount of them are a result of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, divorce proceedings can be complicated, especially if children are involved.

In these cases it is usually a good idea to consult child custody lawyers as well, considering children’s well-being are just as in jeopardy as there parents are during a divorce.

Divorce lawyers can get you out of harm’s way, and back on the track to building a healthy life. Seek out family law mediation tips now before it is too late.