Custody Agreement Violations Range in Severity

family law attorneyCustody agreements are generally set in stone and parents are expected to follow them diligently, whether both parents came to a mutual agreement or whether the family law courts handed down the arrangement. Things happen however, and minor deviations are often overlooked when both parents are working together in good faith. 

However, parents who continue to repeatedly violate the terms of a custody agreements, or those who engage in serious violations can find themselves in trouble with the legal authorities. When this becomes an issue, the other parent should begin to document and prepare to bring this forward to the courts with the help of a skilled CA family attorney. 

Today we’re discussing how the severity of custody violations can impact your available options as well as help give you an idea of what to expect in terms of court intervention. 

Assessing the Severity of a Custody Violation

Minor misses or occasional tardiness, while annoying, are not considered serious offenses. Even repeated offenses might not be classified as severe enough for court intervention. So what types of offenses are considered “serious” under family law in CA? Generally speaking, this can include custody violations such as:

  • Active interference with the other parent’s ability or availability to communicate or speak with the child
  • Downright denial of custody rights to the other parent
  • Deliberate attempts to alienate the child from the other parent
  • Active attempts that block the other parent from his/her custody obligations
  • Repeatedly missing child support payments or refusal to provide financial support 

If your ex is engaging in these types of activities, it is important that you take steps to remedy the situation ASAP. With the help of an attorney, you can request that the authorities hold your ex in contempt of court for violation of a custody. This can help ensure that the behavior stops, and could also help limit your ex’s ability to get in the way of a healthy, normal relationship between the child and both parents. 

Our CA Divorce Attorneys Are Here to Help

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