Ask a CA Divorce Attorney: Custody During the Holidays

Family Law AttorneysThe end of a very unorthodox year is coming to an end, which brings unique holiday stress and challenges. In general, specifics about holiday schedules can shift and are often determined on a year-by-year basis. This year, COVID restrictions are further complicating things. 

Due to this and general holiday stress, you, the ex, and the children may not see eye-to-eye on how to proceed. For today’s post, we’re discussing things to keep in mind when figuring out how to assign custody during the holiday season in a way that accounts for everyone’s needs.

Family Celebrations

Family celebrations can be a contentious point. Both parents and the extended families often want to spend time with the children during these special times. Add the lack of regular visits due to the pandemic, as well as any anxieties regarding potentially exposing loved ones to the virus, and this becomes a very complicated debate.

Our suggestion is to weigh the best interests and safety of the child above yours and the ex’s. Think about the child’s risk exposure as well as his/her wants needs.

School Closures

Both parents also need to account for things like school closures and remote learning. Having this information ahead of time helps parents assess whether they’ll be able to provide the child with what they need for school, as well as ensure that they’ll be available to care for them and spend time with them during school closures.

Work Schedules

Holiday work schedules vary wildly from job to job and industry to industry. Because of this, you and the ex need to think about who is best available to be there for the children. If you suspect that your work will take a lot of your time during the holidays, your kids might be better off going with the other parent this year, and vice-versa.

Consult with a CA Divorce Attorney

Custody disputes are never easy, and this year there are even more factors and complications that parents have to weigh. 

When disputes arise, or if you’re looking to have a custody arrangement modified by the courts, remember to consult with a qualified attorney. At R & S Law Group, LLP, we help parents deal with complex custody disputes, walk them through their divorce, and ensure that their interests are protected above all. 

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