The Two Top Child Custody Questions in CA: Time and Money

family law legal adviceAt R & S Law Group, LLP, we deal with all types of complicated family law issues, including child custody disputes. Conflicts involving who gets to keep and see the kids are often some of the most heated and emotional debates, and understandably our clients have a ton of questions when dealing with these types of issues.

By far, the two most common questions we get are:

  • How long will my child custody case take to resolve?
  • How much money will my child custody case cost me?

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a clear answer to either of these two questions. Today, we’re looking at the factors that impact these two areas when going through a custody dispute or other related family law process in California.

How Long Will My Child Custody Case Take to Resolve?

Many of our clients hope for a speedy process, as they just want to go back to their lives and put all this behind them. In some cases, custody issues can get resolved quickly and without much court involvement – but only when both parents are willing to cooperate.

This is very likely not the case, otherwise things wouldn’t have escalated to a custody dispute. Most of the time, these cases involve at least one parent who is unwilling to communicate, one or more minor children, negative behaviors that have caused a rift between both parents, and other potential points of conflict. 

In other words, your custody case could take a few days to get resolved in court, or it could be drawn out for months or even years depending on the circumstances.

How Much Money will My Child Custody Case Cost Me?

Likewise, the actual cost of your custody case is going to come down to your personal circumstances. And once again, the willingness to cooperate with the ex is going to be one of the biggest factors that will influence your total cost. The longer the dispute is drawn out, the bigger the hit that your wallet will take. 

As a rough estimate, we’ve seen custody cases cost anywhere from $2,000 to upwards of $50,000 and more. 

Get the Answers You Need by Speaking with a Legal Pro

While it’s impossible for you to accurately estimate costs when it comes to something like child custody disputes, there are steps you can take to help guide things along the right path. The biggest step you should take is reaching out to a qualified legal professional.

Having an experienced family law attorney whose job is to advocate for you and your loved ones is instrumental. An attorney can help you navigate each step of the way, help you avoid potential pitfalls, and ensure that your rights are preserved at all times. 

Learn more about how we at R & S Law Group, LLP help our clients with all types of family law issues in CA, including child custody disputes. Call us today to speak with a legal expert.