Do Moms Have An Advantage During Child Custody Disputes?

child custody lawyersIt’s a common complaint: many gripe that family law courts will always favor mothers over father when it comes to child custody and other family law disputes. While this assertion continues to be a prevalent one, the fact of the matter is that the courts are bound by the clearly-defined family law code, and in California, the law spells it out clearly: both mothers and fathers are equally entitled to having custody of their children.

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Defining Community Property and Asset Division in California

divorce attorneysCalifornia is one of the several states in the U. S. that follows community property laws, which brings forth all sorts of questions 04about property and asset division. To put it simply, community property means that all assets which are collected during the length of the marriage become marital property, and are to be split equally in half between the two individuals in the case of a divorce.

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