Visitation Plans in California: What Should I Include?

family law attorneyParents who want to avoid drawn out courtroom proceedings in California will often opt to create a visitation plan with an ex-spouse instead. Also known as parenting plans or “custody and visitation agreements,” these plans helping divorcing couples lay out expectations for themselves and for their children as they move forward with their new lives.

These arrangements are important because they serve as legally-binding contracts that outline key issues such as the child’s daily schedule, custody arrangement details, and the responsibilities that each parent has in ensuring that every child’s needs is fully accounted for.

As you move forward with your divorce proceedings in California, you might be wondering what to include in your custody and visitation arrangements. To help, this post discusses several important components that a good visitation plan needs to include. For more in-depth advice, remember to reach out to us directly at R & S Law Group, LLP.

Clearly Outlined Parenting Schedules

The main components of any parenting plan are those that relate to custody and visitation arrangements. Your parenting plan should clearly define custody and visitation schedules. Remember to account for everyone’s schedules and needs, and don’t neglect summer or holiday arrangements either.

Decision-Making Rights Involving Key Matters

A parenting plan or visitation plan also hashes out matters such as who gets to make what decisions in relation to key matters. These could involve healthcare, education, and anything else that is critical in ensuring that the child’s needs are fully covered.

Flexibility that Accounts for Everyone’s Unique Circumstances

Finally, an effective parenting plan is flexible enough to ensure that everyone’s unique circumstances are considered. Remember, the well-being and continued happiness of your child should always be your priority, and decisions that make sense for everyone will only contribute to a happy, healthy environment. Furthermore, being able to maintain a civil relationship with an ex-spouse can promote a sense of stability in children of all ages.

Consult with a Skilled Family Law Attorney in California

This post provides but a few pointers that you should keep in mind as you move forward with your divorce proceedings in California. Remember, no matter the circumstances, the most important thing that you need to do above all is to recruit the assistance of a trusted family law attorney, someone who can guide you during every step of the way.

If you want to learn more about visitation plans, custody and visitation arrangements, or any other matter relating to divorce or family law in California, remember that you can count on us at R & S Law Group LLP. Call our office today to schedule a free initial consultation with a trusted California divorce attorney.